Hello and welcome back! Today I’m changing things up and sharing a skincare review from the brand Versed Skincare.

Versed is a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand that really focuses on sustainability and believes that your money should be spent on the product and not a lot else. Nothing on their site is more than $25 which is so affordable. They offer a skincare quiz that helps give you recommendations on what product might work best for you. I loved this since Versed was a new brand to me and I didn’t know where to start. All Versed products have no fragrance, no artificial colors, no sulfates, no silicones, no formaldehyde, no petroleum, no mineral oil, no talc among MANY other things. Amazing.

These items were all gifted to me from the amazing team at Versed. They put together recommendations for me based on my skincare needs. Check out the video below for my full review.


I really like the packaging of these products. It’s simple, has a consistent color palette and all the instructions are on the box (if it comes with one) and on the product itself. There are easy to follow application instructions; how to apply, when to apply, how much to apply and in what order to apply. It’s really easy to follow.


1. Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Toner – $17.99
Great for dullness, aging skin and problem skin (Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation)
Not abrasive and no alcohol burn. I did notice a subtle scent after application. Apply 2-3 pumps on a cotton pad and apply to face and neck.

2. Doctor’s Visit Instant Resurfacing mask  – $17.99
Great for aging skin and dullness, fades dark spots and minimizes pores.
This stuff is an orange tinted jello like consistency. Apply a thin layer for 2-3 minutes once a week. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.

3. Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil Serum – $19.99
Great for glow without the greasy look, reducing redness and strengthening skins barrier.
There are 2 distinct materials in the bottle so you shake to mix them then put 3 drops on your fingertips and apply to your face, neck and chest by pressing into the skin.

Silicone Mask Brush – Great to apply the mask with. Comes in a 2 pack. Silicone material makes it really easy to clean.

4. Silk Slip Conditioning Lip Oil – $9.99
Great for conditioning and smoothing lips
A clear lip oil that is slippy and smooth when you apply. It absorbs pretty quickly and had a slightly tacky feel after a while. I did feel the need to re-apply and re-apply so this was not my favorite product.

5. Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum 35 SPF – $21.99
Great for sun protection, protecting against blue light and environmental factors.
A peachy tinted product that blends out to your skin tone once massaged in. Apply a pea size amount to your face and neck. The product packaging says to apply a penny sized amount but I felt that was too much product.




Thank you so much for reading and watching. Until next time,

Ashley Anderson



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