5 Photo Shoot Ideas You Can Do At Home

5 Photo Shoot Ideas You Can Do At Home

Hi Friends! Spring is on the horizon and I am so ready! Usually in Wisconsin we get a ‘fake Spring’, which is where we are now, followed by a snowfall and then real Spring comes. Since the weather outside has been a bit crappy and cold lately, I’ve turned to photoshoots inside. Below are a few of the ones I have done and had so much fun with. All these ideas can easily be achieved with a tripod and timer which is what I did. I hope you enjoy these photoshoot ideas!

Springtime Vibes

I purchased the dress, the ivy with roses and the floral crown all from Amazon. Overload your shoot with flowers. This can be done in a ton of different ways but I wanted to capture a foreground (green leaves), middle ground (me) and background (ivy). It was fun to set up. Check out my Instagram post here to see how I set up this shoot.



I wanted to use balloons so I ordered these off Amazon and put them in my bathtub since It’s too cold to do anything outside. I love the color green and with St. Patty’s Day coming up, I thought, ‘why not!’ Originally I wanted to create a balloon arch outside of my house but I live in Wisconsin and it’s cold until April, haha! Check out my TikTok video here.

Check out my Amazon storefront here for links to the balloons!

More Spring Vibes

It’s as easy as grabbing fake flowers, or real ones, and playing around with them. I threw these in the back pocket of a new pair of shorts that I picked up from Target. Top is also from Target. I added additional graphics on the side but play around with depth when using props too. It makes the photos more interesting.



I set up my projector for a Valentine’s Day shoot. I hooked up my phone to the projector, found an image that I wanted to project, grabbed a rose and got to shooting. I love how moody these photos turned out. Check out how I set this up here.

Check out the projector I used here.

Adding Graphics and Editing

You can take any selfie shot and make it into something much more. Using props, graphics and color it can completely change the look and feel of the photo. Easy to do at home against a plain wall or set up a sheet behind you. Below I added lemons to the photo to make the background more interesting. I also played around with color editing in the photo below on the right.



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Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,



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