My Easy Go-To Hairstyles (With Extensions)

My Easy Go-To Hairstyles (With Extensions)

This post is long overdue! But, I’m here to share my favorite, easy, go-to hairstyles with my extensions. I’ve only had extensions for about 5 months and I’m still getting used to them. I have the 16″ length and it’s perfect for me; an extension newbie. Mine are all one color from root to end. You can get ones that are darker at the roots or just ask your stylist which ones would be best for you. I love how well these blend into my natural hair and they feel really nice. Not only do they add length but they also add thickness. I wanted both! Also, be sure to check with your stylist about which products you can apply to your extensions. You don’t want to be adding any products that might ruin them or shorten their wear. Check out the video below to see all my easy, go-to hairstyles.

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