Bye 2020, Hello 2021!

Bye 2020, Hello 2021!

Well, I don’t think anyone could have predicted how terribly 2020 went. I was reading my goals for 2020 and started laughing. Little did I know a global pandemic would hit and turn the whole world upside-down. The devastation that 2020 has caused will be something that I will never forget. Despite the heartache and fear I find joy in knowing that we made it through and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 2020 was a year of loss for my family, a year of pain and sadness too. It was also a year of learning, a year of helping and self reflection. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that I’m stronger than I know and that’s comforting moving into 2021. Wishing you all a wonderful 2021… it can only get better from here.  Let’s recap my 2020 goals.

Recap of 2020 Goals:

House Goal

• Finish the basement and work on the yard. The yard needs a lot of help. We have 4 acres and the back 2 are weeds and we HATE IT! This year, we are cleaning it up and getting it ready so the farmer that lives behind us, can plant on it. It will finally look normal and not like a land fill.
The basement got completed mid year and we love it so much. You can see the transformation post here. We also got the yard ready and the farmer planted the back 2 acres. It looks great! We have a backyard that we can be proud of. 

• Clean out crap. Even a furniture rearrange helps me decide what needs to stay and what needs to go.
We cleaned out so much of our basement when we finished it. We are proud to say that we donated over $2,200 worth of furniture, decor and clothes in 2020. 

Travel Goal

• EUROPE! In the works for November 2020!
This is where I started laughing… and then crying. Sean and I celebrated out 5 year wedding anniversary this year and we had a great start on planning out our anniversary celebration in Italy. That came to a screeching halt and we had to cancel the whole thing. This has been postponed to 2022 or maybe even later depending on how Covid and traveling to Europe goes. 

• Save, save, save! I’ve got big travel plans the next 2 years and I need a budget for them! Back to Europe in 2021 with the family.
We sure met this goal and then some since all travel was stopped. Love seeing the savings built up! 

Personal Goals

• Feel healthy, eat more conscientiously and move my body. Doesn’t have to be everyday but try for 2-3 times a week. Get back into my yoga and stretches at home. In addition to this comes being better prepared and grocery shopping regularly. I’m so terrible at this.
I feel I did pretty well at this. I definitely slacked at the workout part but I try to walk everyday. Sean and I got gym memberships that the beginning of the year that have since been cancelled due to the pandemic. We also started getting blue apron meals delivered and they are amazing. We are cooking together and trying new things. It has also helped cut back on the random grocery store buys and food going bad that we need to throw out. 

• Plan my days better. Not everything needs to get done at once. Plan a little each day to take stress out of my life. What I mean by this is mainly in regards to home chores. I used to wait until Saturday to clean my whole house which would take hours, no thank you. Divvy up the jobs and get some done during the week so I can actually relax on the weekends and enjoy them.
I have kept a planner with the weeks to-do’s, since January. I will say that working from home (due to COVID) has been great because I have found a great balance of work and home projects. I don’t overload my days and I am able to get done what I want to. 

2021 Goals:

• Before my mother-in-law passed in November, she started a garden at our house. My goal for 2021 is to make the area look beautiful by adding a nice fence around it, add a seating area and have a full garden of veggies. Sean created quite a large box surround so we have room for a lot. I would like to make my own salsa and pasta sauces in 2021.

• In 2021 I want to try something I’ve never tried before. I want to learn a new skill or take a new risk. I have no idea what that might be but I want to push myself and do something new or something that scares me. Skydiving and woodworking come to mind.

• I want to read 12+ new books in 2021. My sister started a book club this past year and I’m hooked! 2020 brought me new genres and authors that I enjoy so I’m hoping 2021 brings out even more!

• Continue on my road of self care and mental health awareness. Maintenance is the stage I’m at. I feel good about how often I frequent my therapist, my massage appts., what I’m eating, my day planning and knowing what stresses me out and how to deal with it. I should move my body more and make more of an effort to workout so it becomes habit for me.

What are some goals that you have moving into 2021?

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