Ways To Create Movement In Photos

Ways To Create Movement In Photos

Today’s post is stuffed full of fun ideas and examples of how to create movement in your photos. I hope you find this helpful. If so, please save and share!


Toss A Scarf

Scarf season is upon us and along with it… a great way to add movement into photos. Throw the scarf towards the camera or spin around with it. Catching the scarf flowing in the breeze creates great movement and visual interest into the photo. A scarf creates great leading lines into the photo especially if it escapes the borders of the photo. Example below.

Swing A Bag Or Purse

Instead of just holding your purse or hanging onto your bag, give it a swing! Visually it looks great towards the camera but is as effective being swung away too. Examples below.

Twirl Or Twist Your Dress Or Skirt

Twirling and twisting are great ways to get movement in your clothes. Also, dropping the fabric creates interest as well. It’s such a better looking photo than just standing there. It really showcases how the fabric will look when you walk in it. Great examples below.

Jump In The Air

Strike a pose while jumping or just jump into the air! If you have on flowy pieces then jumping will create movement on it’s own. It’s a playful and fun way to add movement into your photo. Examples below.

Throw A Hat

Throw a hat either towards the camera or up in the air. Typically throwing a hat is celebratory; think graduation so it’s exciting and fun. Example below.

Toss Your Hair

A good hair flip is always a good idea. A hair toss has a sexy element to it. Grab a fan, go out on a windy day or simply move your head back and forth to get those locks moving. Looks great with longer hair but can also be achieved with shorter hair. Examples below.

Toss A Jacket

This works tossing it towards the camera or away. A jacket is typically a larger object so visually it adds a lot of interest and a unique shape to your photo. Examples below.

Add ‘Fake’ Movement

By this I mean added graphics like falling leaves. Examples below. This can also be achieved by adding snow or rain or something that implies movement like a swooping graphic.

Walk It Out

Walking is a great way to add direction and movement into your photo. Capture yourself mid step or hold the pose. Either way, the action is there. Walking away also works great. Changing the angle also creates a really unique perspective. Examples below.

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