Tips To Elevate Your Loungewear

Tips To Elevate Your Loungewear

A couple weeks ago I shared a post about my favorite loungewear, you can read that here, and it got a lot of traction. So today I wanted to share tips to elevate your loungewear. Take your sweater or sweatpants to the next level and wear them out of the house for errands, lunch, you name it.

Tip #1

Don’t wear your tie dye or leopard print loungewear set out of the house. In my opinion there is no way to elevate that. You look like you’re wearing your pajamas out of the house. Just don’t.

Tip #2

Add layered jewelry over your top. It gives an elevated look to your loungewear. Add earrings and bracelets or a watch too.
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Tip #3

Tuck in, tuck up into your bra or knot the front of your loungwear top. It instantly adds finesse and you look more put together. It says, I gave thought to this look and wanted to make it look the best possible.

Tip #4

Elevating loungewear is a package deal so do your hair and make the effort to have it look nice.
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Tip #5

Wear shoes other than just flip flops. Adding a more detailed or closed toe shoe makes a difference. I recommend a platform sandal or a sneaker for a very casual look.

Tip #6

Put on a least a lip color and some mascara. If you’re going for minimal that’s fine but again remember that elevating your loungewear is package deal so take a little time to put yourself together.
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Tip #7

Balance your look. If you’re wearing a loose fitted top, then opt for a fitted bottom like jeans or leggings. The opposite is also true. If you’re wearing loose bottoms like joggers or sweatpants then opt for a fitted top. It helps make you not look frumpy and gives you some shape… even in your loungewear.

Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,


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