My Favorite Fall Transition Piece: 2020

My Favorite Fall Transition Piece: 2020

Tuesdays are creeping up faster and faster it seems! Today I wanted to share with you a Fall transition piece that I’ve been wearing non-stop. I’m sharing my favorite pair of faux leather shorts! These babies can be worn so many different ways. They’re a great piece to have to transition into the Fall and from Fall into the Winter. That’s right, you heard me! Shorts in the Winter! Keep reading to check out how to style these for those cooler and colder months.

First off, there are some materials that work better for colder months and faux leather or leather is one of them. Tweed, cashmere and corduroy are a few others. These faux leather shorts would be way too hot for Spring and Summer but the minute those temps get 60’s, low 70’s, these shorts are perfect.

This pair has a liner that is slightly fuzzy so you will get warm if the temps are too hot outside. The pockets are functional, there is elastic at the waist, the belt that it comes with is removable and there is a nice cuff detail at the hem. There are no pockets on the back and the material is nice and soft. They don’t stick to you, again unless it’s too hot outside and I’m wearing a small. The best part is that these shorts are only $14 and fully stocked!

My favorite way to wear these shorts in the Fall is with a long sleeved top. Pictured left I’ve got on a lightweight sweatshirt that easily tucks in and combat boots. I’ve been wearing everything with combat boots lately! Pictured right I’ve got on a bodysuit and a pair of sneakers. Depending on what shoes you wear and your accessories, these shorts can easily be dressed up.

More examples of ways to wear these. Again, more combat boots but you can easily switch out the shoe for a heeled bootie or tall boots to elevate the look. These shorts look great dressed up with a blazer as pictured on the left. A great way to wear these into the Winter months is by putting on tights or even leggings underneath them, pictured right. You look edgy, trendy and polished and will stay warm. Sweaters that are more cropped work better with these shorts since they are more of a high waisted fit. Too large or bulky the sweater, the harder it will be to tuck in without looking frumpy.


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