Different Ways To Pose For Photos Part 2

Different Ways To Pose For Photos Part 2

My last post about different ways to pose for photos was such a hit that I decided to do a part 2. I’ve been taking more risks with my poses, photography and editing lately and want to share a few non-traditional photo poses. These are more fun, have more movement and make your photos look so interesting and amazing.


I love a good photo that captures movement especially if you’ve got a piece of clothing that moves with you. The kimono below, for example is so lightweight that it creates so much movement when I jump.

Spacial Interaction

This refers to you not just being in or standing next to the space you’re taking a photo in but interacting with it. For example, I could have just stood in front of my entryway and took a photo but instead I’m in the doorway as if I just came in my house. It’s more inviting and shows how I actually use the space. More examples being: instead of standing next to a pole or gate, wrap your arm around it, hang onto it and lean back, those sorts of things.

Flamingo Pose

I personally love this one! They call it the flamingo because you’re standing on one leg. This is mostly done from a profile view but there is also an example of a straight on shot below.

Bend but don’t break

This one was hard. It took me many tries because I am not flexible. This pose has an elegance to it that I just love. It looks great with a dress. Notice below how the more I am curved the more interesting the photo becomes. (left photo)


This can be done squatting as I am or balancing standing up on your toes or even on something thin like a fence or gate. You don’t just have to balance on your feet either; try balancing on your booty or add products to balance on you. See below. I added the products into the photo after the shot. See the link to apps I use to edit my photos.

Twist, Turn or Drop

Love this pose with dresses and skirts. It makes the photo so much more interesting than just standing there. It also shows how the dress or skirt moves which I think tells a lot especially if you’re trying to sell something. By drop I mean the fabric. The second photo below shows some movement from me dropping the bottom of the dress.

When in doubt, use a prop

This is not a pose but something to help with boring photos! This can literally be ANYTHING!! Instead of just standing there, interact with a prop. The prop can also be the focus of the photo. Throw a ball in the air, swing your purse towards the camera or even use things like confetti to blow into the camera lens.

That concludes this round of photo poses. I hope you all learned a few new poses to try out. If you try any of these please tag me on Instagram at @ashmarieanderson

Which one is your favorite?

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Thank you all so much for reading, until next time.

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