5 Hairstyles For Short Hair

5 Hairstyles For Short Hair

I’ve done a few hairstyle posts in the past and will link them below but today’s post is a little different. Today I’m sharing 5 hairstyles for short hair all only using 3 bobby pins. That’s it, that’s all your going to need! These hairstyles work best with short hair because short hair has less weight and volume so 3 bobby pins is all you’ll need. Let’s jump into it.

Hairstyle 1: The sunburst

I’m calling this one the sunburst because how you align the bobby pins looks like the suns rays. This one is easy and you can style your hair straight, wavy, curled, whatever way you want. The bobby pins are placed at different angles from the top of your ear to keep your hair tucked and out of your face. Love this look elevated or worn casually.

Hairstyle 2: Half up half down, but with a twist.

It’s boring to just do a half up half down style. To elevate it using your 3 bobby pins, align them into a triangle in the back. This makes the look more elevated but you can also wear this very casually. To really elevate this look you can use 3 bobby pins that have either pearls or gems on them.

Hairstyle 3: The bun

My hair is thin enough that I can hold up a mini bun with just 3 bobby pins. You can wear this either at the nape or your neck or as a top knot. Totally up to you! I gather my hair and begin twisting it around itself. This method helps keep all the little flyaways at bay. Once I’ve got the bun I add the bobby pins from each side. They should cross over each other underneath your bun for a snug feeling.

Hairstyle 4: Side twists

This look I would consider more fancy. It looks great when dressed up! Section one side of your head into 3 sections then twist each section against your head. Add you bobby pin underneath the twist to secure and you’re done!

Hairstyle 5: Crown pin

This hairstyle works great if you want those bangs out of your face. I like this hairstyle on day 2 or 3 when my hair is a bit dirty and I don’t want to keep touching it or moving it out of my face. Simply gather your bangs or a section of hair on top of your head and secure it with the bobby pins. You might not need all 3 bobby pins with this one. You could also twist back this crown section or turn it into a mini bun!


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