HOME UPDATE: Spare Bedroom

HOME UPDATE: Spare Bedroom

We have 3 spare bedrooms in our house. 1 is my beauty room, 1 we added in the basement and the last one (the one we’re talking about today) has a hodge-podge of random collectibles that sit around and gather dust. I have never taken the time, until now, to actually decorate this room. As I’ve stated many times, my design style is all over the place. I love so many different looks that it was really hard to dial in what I wanted to do. I’m happy to share that I picked a direction and ran with it. I hope you all like the transformation! Check out the before and after photos below.

I decided to focus on a boho mid-century modern vibe in this space. I love bold colors, greenery and natural wood features so this design style seemed perfect. My inspiration for color came from the rug. I stumbled upon it and then knew instantly what I wanted to do in the spare room. I pulled colors and accents from the rug and built everything around it.

The Before

The walls were painted a light purple when we built our house. Don’t ask why I chose purple… I honestly have no idea. When people stay at our house we usually have them sleep on the couch since this room is never put together with bedding. Until now. : )

The Progress

First step was to paint 3 of the walls white. I knew I wanted an accent wall (it’s kind of my thing and they’re all over my house) and I love the rich jewel tones that come with the boho mid century modern theme. I ended up going with a color that comes across more blue than teal and love the final result. It plays off the rug perfectly. The color is called Nocturne Blue by Behr.

After painting we added the headboard wall which is just a light colored plywood that we cut into 8″ tall by 6′ long pieces. I didn’t treat or paint this wood at all, just left it natural.

The After

Let’s talk about the older pieces in this room. The side tables I’ve had for years and got from IKEA. The little table accents are all random pieces from around my house. Lastly, the mattress and box spring. Other than those pieces, everything else is new. I’ll link everything I can below for at the bottom of this post.

The dresser makes this room. It ties in the headboard wall with the natural elements, so well. It is the perfect piece to bring the whole space together. It’s actually a kids dresser but I don’t care! Word of caution: the dresser comes in a million little pieces and my husband said it was a pain in the butt to put together.

My dad made me the blanket ladder and I DIY’ed the square mirror hanging on the wall. I used the same blue paint from the wall to paint the frame.

I am planning on mounting lights on the headboard that will act as reading lamps. That will come later. Another addition once they arrive will be the curtains. I ordered them but they are taking a long time to ship so I will post on my Instagram when they come in. Stay tuned on my IG.

Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,

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  1. Lisa
    June 9, 2020 / 3:30 pm

    Love this!!!

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