At Home Manicure + Easy Design Anyone Can Do

At Home Manicure + Easy Design Anyone Can Do

I have always loved painting my nails at home. It’s a relaxing time for me to put on a movie or a show, grab a glass of wine and take my time painting my own nails. Today I’m going to share my at home manicure routine and an easy design that anyone can do.

The Prep

If you have another color on your nails then take it off. Next, I shape and buff my nails. I then apply a cuticle oil and gently push back my cuticles then shape with a nail file. Once these steps are complete I wipe off any excess oil and apply the Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler all over my nails. This stuff is great to fill in the ridges, add moisture to my nails and acts as a base coat for polish.


The Paint

Apply any nail color that you want. I like to add 2 coats of polish even if the color is opaque. I’m using the Sally Hansen Color Therapy polish in shade Sheer Nirvana.

The Design

Let your nails dry completely before this step! This design is so easy that anyone can do it and all you’re going to need is tape. Apply tape at a diagonal across your nail and apply your second color. Apply as many coats as necessary to get the color / look that you want. The key is to remove the tape before the second layer dries completely. I find that this helps the second layer settle a little more and doesn’t create as much of an edge. Once dry I apply the Dermelect High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener Top Coat. This stuff dries the fastest of any top coat that I have tried.


Watch the video here:

Thank you all so much for reading and watching! Until next time,

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