The 3 Purses You Need This Spring & Summer

The 3 Purses You Need This Spring & Summer

I want to start by saying I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe through this Coronavirus pandemic. Please take this seriously and distance yourself. Together, we can get through anything. I will keep posting content on as well as my Instagram @ashmarieanderson I will continue to share everyday and try to lighten and brighten your days ahead.

Spring accessories are in full swing in my wardrobe. I love wearing prints like florals with lightweight scarves, I cannot wait to wear more sandals and I’ve already been changing out my purses. I cannot wait for the temps to warm up even more. Today I’m sharing the 3 purses that you need this Spring and Summer. 2 of which I’ve had for a long time and 1 newer edition. The first purse I’m sharing I recently re-discovered more ways to get more use out of. Read on!

Bag #1: Clear and Interchangeable

I wanted to share this clear bag as my #1 because if you choose any bag in this post, I highly recommend this one. This bag style comes in a couple different colors and the handles match the removable pouch inside. By switching out the pouch inside (see below), you get SO MANY DIFFERENT PURSES IN ONE! The best value for your money. This bag is a great accent to any warm weather outfit and perfect for the beach!

Bag #2 Rattan

Rattan is a material of Spring and Summer. It just is. There are a lot of bags like this out there but I LOVE this one because it’s 9.5″ in diameter. It can actually fit your wallet, your phone, keys and whatever else. The smaller versions are so small that they don’t fit what you need to carry. This bag is structured too. The clasp at the top keeps it closed and when open there is a stitched material halfway up to keep things from falling out.

Bag #3 Spring Colors

What color says Spring more than baby blue? I love this color accented with yellows, light pinks, any pastel color; it just says Spring and Summer to me. This is your dressier bag option but still can be worn casually. I love the gold accents on this bag and I really like how clean it looks. There is a shoulder strap that comes with this bag, pockets on both sides of the inside and the buckle in the front lifts open for another pocket on the outside.

Shop the bags and the looks!


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