Tips For A Spa Night At Home

Tips For A Spa Night At Home

I thought this post was very appropriate now since we’re all sort of ‘trapped’ at home. Self care and mental health are so important, especially now. I wanted to share a few tips for a spa night at home to hopefully help you unwind, disconnect and get a little ‘you’ time. We all don’t have spa like bathrooms in our homes but there are things you can do to set the mood and get into a comfortable relaxing headspace. Read on.

I’m a bath gal through and through. I know baths are not for everyone so I am also offering tips for my shower peeps out there.

Tip #1

If you’re a bath person, use bath bombs, essential oils or bath salts in your bath. For my shower people, check out this recipe for homemade shower fizzies to place on the floor of the shower. These release aromatherapy when water hits them. I’ve made these before and LOVE them.

I recommend either making bath bombs yourself or ordering ones from Lush. I really like their website because they list all the ingredients and tell you whether they are natural and safe for the environment. If these are too iffy for you then essential oils are a great alternative. I really love to use peppermint if I’m tense and lavender to relax. Easy on the peppermint drops though. If you add too many then the water will start to feel cold. I recommend 1-3 drops.

Tip #2

Grab your favorite sheet mask, clay mask, eye gels and / or lip mask. These tend to work better in you’re in the bath but if you prefer the shower then go the clay mask route. I like to use ones that need to be on for 15-20 minutes so I can gauge how long I’ve been soaking for. I recommend a good hydrating one to feel nice and refreshed. Shop some of my affordable favorites below.

If you’re not a mask person then do your nighttime skincare routine before heading into the bath or shower. This process always winds me down at the end of a stressful day or any day for that matter.

Tip #3

Grab a good book, magazine or audiobook. I love to read while in the bath but obviously if you’re showering that makes that a bit difficult. Doesn’t have to be a book either. Tune into your favorite station and just sit and listen for a while. Me personally, when I’m trying to unwind, I love to listen to relaxation radio or the Frank Sinatra station on Pandora.

selective focus photography of candles

Tip #4

Light it up. A candle that is! Light your favorite scent and soak, or rinse, in the candlelight for awhile. I really love the Bath & Body Works candle scent Stress Relief. It’s smells like eucalyptus and mint and it’s so relaxing. If sugar cookie is your jam, by all means, let your bathroom smell like a bakery! Aromatherapy in a diffusor is another great option too. Most light up so you can still enjoy the mood lighting. A few examples are below.

Tip #5

If you’re anything like me and like to unwind with a drink then pour yourself your favorite glass of wine or mix yourself a cocktail. I like a little wine at the end of a long day. If an alcoholic drink is not for you then I suggest a sleepy time tea or a non-caffeinated tea to unwind and relax.

Tip #6

Do a wash routine. If you need to shave, then do so. If you need to pumice stone your feet, then do it. If you need to exfoliate your body, now’s the time. Prep your skin in any way you need to for Tip #7. Use your favorite body wash or try out a new sugar scrub. A few of my favorites are below.

Tip #7

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Use your favorite scent to lather up afterwards. I have been loving the aromatherapy line from Bath & Body Works in the scent called love. It’s vanilla and rose and such a heavenly pairing. Not only should you moisturize your body but also your face. After applying your face moisturizer roll a jade roller over your skin to really let it soak in. Warmer water and steam help to open your pores which will really let the products soak in. Don’t forget your lips too!


What do you do to de-stress? What is your spa night routine? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,

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