Carry On Essentials + Tips To Make The Fight More Enjoyable

Carry On Essentials + Tips To Make The Fight More Enjoyable

Hello and welcome back to Style 608! My family leaves for Florida on Thursday so today I wanted to share a few tips to make the flight more enjoyable and what carry on essentials you need.

Carry On Essentials

• Extra set of clothes just in case. If your luggage gets lost you don’t want to be stuck with nothing to change into.

• Small travel case of toiletries that include, contact case and solution / glasses cases, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitizer wipes, lotion, extra hair tie ladies, Tylenol etc.

• Entertainment like a book, magazine or computer / something to keep your mind occupied.

• Any charging cords you might need. I tend to forget these in my carry on.

• Water bottle to stay hydrated and for long flights bring a mask to keep your skin hydrated too.

• Essential oils like lavender or peppermint help soothe, calm and relax you. These work wonders.

• Headphones – any headphones are better than no headphones. Some airlines charge you for them.

• Chapstick! Anything and everything to keep you and your body hydrated.

Tips To Make The Flight More Enjoyable

• Wear comfy clothes, duh.

• Bring something to entertain yourself, you WILL get bored. A journal is great too.

• If you can sleep on a flight, get on the plane tired to sleep and pass the time. Bring a travel pillow or ask your flight attendant.

• Get up and walk around and stretch in your seat. It helps you from getting restless. In addition to this… stretch in your seat. Roll your neck, do shoulder rolls, cross your legs; ankle on knee and stretch your hip flexers, roll your ankles etc.

• Be nice to the flight attendants, make conversation and engage. It makes a difference. Compliments and pleasantries go a long way.

• Bring snacks and drink a lot of water.


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That’s all for this week! There will be no blog posts on the 28th or the 3rd. I’ll pick right back up on the 6th with a Florida travel guide for you! Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,


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