5 Hairstyles For Your Work Week with Fanola And Salon Guys

5 Hairstyles For Your Work Week with Fanola And Salon Guys

Do you find yourself falling into the same patterns and routines? I sure do. I’ve fallen victim to repetitiveness, ease and getting too comfortable with being just ‘ok’ with how my hair looks. Each morning when I do my hair I find myself saying the same thing, “It’s just work, no one cares. You don’t have to look that good.” WHAT AM I DOING! I truly believe that if you put yourself together and get ready for your day, then you have a better day. I’ve decided to challenge myself to do my hair in a different hairstyle each day for 1 work week; Monday through Friday. Would you be able to do the same thing or do you wear your hair the same way every day?

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Day 1 Monday (Wash day)

Products Used: Fanola Fiber Fix Fiber Shampoo, Fanola Fiber Fix Bond Connector, Fanola Botolife Filler Reconstructor Spray
What do the products do? The Fiber Fix line seals and repairs broken hair bonds in the strands of your hair, for chemically treated, bleached and colored hair. The Filler Reconstructor Spray helps smooth, adds volume, tones and protects hair both wet and dry.
The Hairstyle: Blow dried and straighten, all down look

I washed my hair with the Fiber Fix products to start my week. The shampoo does not lather and I used about a quarter size for my whole head. Massage into scalp and leave in for 2 minutes before thoroughly rinsing out. Apply bond connector from temples to ends and leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing out. Apply reconstructor spray all over damp hair and comb through. If using hot tools, re-apply spray as heat protector.

Day 2 Tuesday (Refresh Style day)

Products Used: Fanola Nutri One 10 Azioni Spray Mask Leave in and Framar Detangling Hair Brush
What do the products do? Azioni spray mask leave in hydrates, nourishes, helps eliminate frizz and protects against humidity and UV rays. Can be applied to towel dried hair or dry when your hair needs a little extra love. The detangling brush does just that, detangles wet or dry hair.
The Hairstyle: 1/2 up, 1/2 down

I use two pumps of the mask leave-in on my ends to smooth out and add moisture back in since they were a bit dry. I comb through as usual and add in my bobby pins. With this look you could use a barette, flower clip, clear elastic, add a scrunchie, you name it! I also ran a straightener on my ends to smooth out some kinks from sleeping.

Day 3 Wednesday (Refresh Style Day)

Products Used: Hair Tamer Hair Rings and Framar Detangling Hair Brush
What do the products do? The hair tamer rings come in a few color options and keep your hair pulled back without pulling or leaving a kink. With the phone cord design your ponytails won’t give you any more headaches because they are more comfortable to wear. The detangle brush also comes in other color options.
The Hairstyle: Low Pony with volume

I brushed through my hair and then back combed my crown for added volume. I added my tamer hair ring once I pulled my hair back to where I wanted it. I looped it around my hair a few times with ease. No pulling, no headache, no kink. Just hair out my face for a quick up-do on the go. You could also to a low messy bun or pull your hair up for a higher ponytail.

Day 4 Thursday (Wash day)

Products Used: Fanola Nutri Care Shampoo and Fanola After Coulour Conditioner and Fanola Volume Up Volume Root Spray
What do the products do? The nutri care shampoo is ideal for anyone that colors their hair on a regular basis. This stuff moisturizes and helps prevent split ends. The after colour conditioner are packed with nutrients that your hair needs and is ideal for those with easily tangled thin hair. The volume spray is applied when hair is wet and to the roots for lift. Spray directly on your roots and comb through. Style as usual.
The Hairstyle: Alternate curl direction for messy, beachy curls.

Wash day! The Nurti Care line is great for those people who color their hair on a regular basis. It also smells like birthday cake! I use about a quarter size for my whole head. Following the shampoo with the after colour conditioner. This conditioner smells like a salon product and instantly made my hair feel smooth. I was able to finger comb the product through my hair with ease. Today was all about volume so I added the volumizing root spray to my roots and combed through. Once dry I used the Botolife Filler spray as my heat protectant before using my curling wand. Let curls cool, run fingers or a wide tooth comb through and you’re good to go!

Day 5 Friday (Refresh Style Day)

Products Used: Framar Detangling Hair Brush and Fanola Botolife Filler Reconstructor Spray
What do the products do? Day 2 curls are my favorite and this brush smooths them out without pulling them out. Easily detangles my curls from bed head to work ready. I touched up a few of my curls and used the Reconstructor spray as a heat protectant.
The Hairstyle: Braided top knot

Day 2 curls are my favorite. They’re relaxed and softer. I still like to keep the hair out of my face on day 2 so a top knot is perfect. I braided it back but you can easily just pull it back and messy bun it up or just bobby pin it back. I touched up my curls and added a texture spray to give my hair some grit, hair sprayed and that’s it.

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We made it through the work week. Which hair style is your favorite? Thank you all so much for reading and watching. Until next time,

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