How To Know What To Pack For Vacation + Tips To Pack Like A Pro

How To Know What To Pack For Vacation + Tips To Pack Like A Pro

I recorded a segment for Midday Madison with local TV station WKOW 27. Todays topic: Tips to pack like a pro. The video will be uploaded this afternoon on Facebook but I wanted to share this post with you all now. Be sure to save this so you can revisit when you’re packing for your next vacation!

My family is headed for Florida in February. We’re going for a wedding but added on a couple extra days to relax and have fun. I love packing! It gets me excited for the trip ahead and I love to plan out my looks. I’m a very organized person and very much a planner. For those of you that are not, you will find this post very helpful. Todays post is all about helping you with your next vacation on tips to pack like a pro and what to bring with you.

Tips To Pack Like A Pro

• Write out your itinerary and then brainstorm what you might need. If you’re gone for 7 days, bring an outfit for each day. If you’re having a fancy dinner one night, bring a cocktail dress, you get the point! In addition to this….

• plan out your looks early! This will give you enough time to order anything you might need.

• Use packing cubes and roll your clothes inside. Even in a carry on you can get WAY more things inside your bag.

• Place dryer sheets in with your clothes to keep them smelling fresh!

• Keep shoes separate from everything else. You don’t want nasty yucky street crud all over your nice clothes. I use a shower cap and put that around the bottom of my shoes or you can put them in a separate bag. Plastic bags work great too.

• Double up on product. Keep a separate stash of travel sized toiletries and makeup. It make it so much easier to pack up and go and unpack when you get home. It’s so easy to grab and go if you’re in a rush too.

• Bring pieces that can be mixed and matched with multiple things to create more looks. For example, wear the same shirt with denim and again with a skirt and add a jacket. This will help save you space when packing.

How To Know What To Pack

1. How many days/nights are you going? Write it out. 
6 days, 5 nights – you will need clothes for each day, at least, and 2-3 sets of sleepwear. I cannot wear the same thing to sleep night after night. If you’re an underwear sleeper then great, less things to pack.

2. Are you doing multiple activities (hiking, swimming etc.) in one day that might require a wardrobe change? List it out even if it’s a maybe. Better to be prepared. 
If this is the case then you will need multiple looks for one day. You can be strategic and wear the same pieces, a different way, on another day during your trip.

3. What are the temps during your stay? Look up the averages to get a better idea. Adjust as needed when it comes closer to your trip. 
If it’s hot, don’t bring a pair of jeans for everyday. If it’s cold, don’t bring tanks and pieces that you will not get to wear.

4. Do you need dress clothes? Is there a dress code where you are going? Look it up. 
Some resorts have dress codes for certain restaurants. Look this up and be prepared! Don’t be that person that wears jean shorts in the formal dining room and gets asked to leave. Yes, this does happen. If you’re planning on having a nice dinner or night out, bring a look for that and don’t forget the shoes!

5. How long are the flights/transportation? 
Another tip for packing is that you can re-wear your travel attire (for me, this depends on how long the flight is) to your destination and back home. This saves room in your suitcase by not having to bring another travel outfit. If I’m flying international I bring an extra set of clothes for the way home.

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I hope this post helps you become better prepared for your next trip. Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,


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