6 Tips To Help Organize Your Bathroom

6 Tips To Help Organize Your Bathroom

Off to a great start with the lifestyle posts making more of an appearance on Style 608. I’ve been wanting to write more organizational and How To style posts and I’ve got a monster list started. You’ll also notice at the bottom of this post that I am linking other articles that relate to what the days topic is. Style 608 has so much to offer and I want to be sure that you don’t miss anything!

Today I wanted to share you with, 6 organizational tips that have helped me to better organize my master bathroom.

6 Tips To Help Organize Your Bathroom

1. Use trays. If you have a morning skin care routine, keep your products on a tray for easy access. Since you use them everyday, it makes sense to have them at arms reach. By using a tray it keeps things more contained and not as if you forgot to put them away. It gives these products a place. I got mine at Home Goods but Amazon and Target have a lot to choose from too.

2. Use dividers or bins in drawers. These help keep things organized and separate so everything has a place instead of being thrown in a bottomless pit. They give each item a place and home to go back to. These motivate me to put things away where they go.

3. Use shelves. Shelving on the walls adds another surface to display or store things on. It keeps stuff off your counters, off the floor and out of your drawers and cabinets so you have more room for other things.

4. Use crates for towels. We have so many towels in our bathroom. I don’t want to have to wash towels all the time, so I bought a lot. Now, where to store them all? If you run out of room in drawers, cabinets or closets, put them on display in a nice crate next to the shower. This can be on a shelf or directly on the floor. Aesthetically it looks great and it’s functional. Target has great options.

5. Use stacked storage for larger cabinets. These double the amount of space you get under a sink. Target is where I got mine and it slides out for easier access to the stuff in the back.

6. Use cute containers for things you use all the time. Example: a little glass jar with a lid to store your q-tips. A larger glass container for cotton balls or cotton pads. An even larger glass container for bath bombs or bath salts. Use jars or containers for makeup brushes, lip liners, you get the point.


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I hope you all found this post useful. Be sure to save so you can come back and reference these tips! Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,

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