Workout Gear + Ways To Move Your Body At Home

Workout Gear + Ways To Move Your Body At Home

Moving your body does not always mean exercising but it can. It means stop being stagnant, take the stairs instead of the elevator, it means stand instead of sit and dedicate time if you can to get up and move. Spontaneous dance moves encouraged!

I picked up this workout set from Old Navy and right now there is 40% off activewear so take advantage of this sale because it will not last for long!!! I’m wearing this set in a small but I recommend to size up a size in both the leggings and sports bra. I really like the color blocking on the leggings and the material is nice and comfortable. I also got these in a tall size but they were too long for me. I’m 5’7″ for reference. I love how high waisted these leggings are. I’m stocking up on black to wear around the house!
The sports bra has cup inserts but they can be removed. This bra style also comes in another color. The back is a racerback style and has a little keyhole detail. Very comfortable once you get it on but there is not a crazy amount of stretch and I do recommend sizing up.

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Ways To Move Your Body At Home

• Get Equipment. Depending on what workouts you want to do, get what you might need / want. If yoga is your thing, get a mat and a yoga block. Weights / lifting? Get a few dumbbells or kettlebells. Resistance training? Get bands. You don’t always need to spend tons of money on large bulky equipment like a treadmill but if running is your thing, head outside!

• If you’re trying to move your body at home but can’t find the time to dedicate an hour to a workout, then incorporate it into your day to day. While washing the veggies for dinner, do some squats, stand on one leg or do leg lifts. Instead of trying to make one trip to carry it all, divide up the trips to do more especially if more than one trip involves stairs. While cleaning do some dancing along with it!

• Stairs are great for your endurance. Bored? See how many steps you can skip when heading upstairs. How fast can you make it up and down? Set challenges and tests for yourself.

• Stretch. When you wake up in the morning take a few minutes to stretch out and get ready for the day. Same before bed; use stretching as a way to unwind.


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I hope you found this blog post helpful and makes you think about more ways to move your body at home. Thanks so much for reading. Until next time,

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