The Ultimate Travel Jacket From BauBax

The Ultimate Travel Jacket From BauBax

Traveling any time soon? We leave for Florida at the end of February for a wedding and I’m so excited. First off, I love weddings and secondly, it’s in Florida! We’re going to an area I’ve never been to before and I hear that the beaches are amazing!

I received this package in the mail from BAUBAX over the holiday and wanted to share it with all of you because I think this jacket is all you’ll ever need when traveling. At first glance it may look like a regular red rain jacket but there is so much more going on here. Read on!


Special features include:BauBax .pngI was blown away by all the features that come with, in and on this jacket. I’m wearing a medium for reference and I think the fit is true to size. This jacket also comes in black and in sizes XS to XXL. If you want more room, size up. I like to layer when traveling and I was able to wear my sweatshirt comfortably underneath this jacket.

Diving into some more detail on the special features; let’s talk about what comes with this jacket when you order it. It ships in a very nice package along with a blanket, water bottle and a footrest; everything compact and travel friendly. Everything else listed above comes in or on the jacket. I know, it’s crazy! Since there are so may pockets and features to this jacket, I created a video walk through to show you all in closer detail. (Video link at the end of this post)


Find the video walk through link here! It shows all the details of this jacket.

Thank you all so much for reading (and watching)! See you again in the new year!

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