Tips For Shopping Online

Tips For Shopping Online

I’m an online shopper for almost everything. I love being able to be at home, in my comfies, on the couch with my laptop. I honestly get too overwhelmed by going in store because there are too many options and too many temptations for things I don’t really need. By online shopping I can search for exactly what it is that I want. Today I’ve put together a few tips and tricks for online shopping.

Tips For Shopping Online

  1. If you’re new to online shopping and prefer to try things on, start with stores that you are familiar with. If you frequently shop at Old Navy, for example, you get to know their sizing. I’m a small in tops and medium in sweatshirts, so order pieces that you know will fit you to start. Most of the time if you order sweatshirts or cardigans in a wrong size, they still tend to still work out.
  2. If you still are uneasy about shopping for size specific pieces, start with accessories. Necklaces, purses and earrings are great examples.
  3. Shop at stores with free shipping and free returns! This makes the online shopping experience that much better. Nordstrom and Amazon (Prime) are great and offer free shipping and returns all the time. Or, wait for sales that offer free shipping.
  4. Read the reviews – This helps you to get it right the first time if you are ordering size specific pieces. The reviews have helped me so many times.
  5. Use money saving plugins – Honey, Rakuten formerly known as eBates, Shoptagr, Swagbucks, RetailMeNot There are so many! These help save you money and most give you rewards / benefits for shopping online. The nice thing about most of these plugins is that you get email notifications when there are sales, items come back in stock and other discounts. 

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