A Simple, Yet Elegant, Thanksgiving Table + Rules To Follow

A Simple, Yet Elegant, Thanksgiving Table + Rules To Follow

I love the Thanksgiving holiday for many reasons; the togetherness, thankfulness, the food, the colors, my birthday is close… My husband has a large family while I only have my parents in the state, but getting everyone together is something I am very thankful for. We host every year at our house and I enjoy getting the table set up. Today I am sharing a very simple, yet elegant, table set up.

Last year I created a Thanksgiving table on a budget and you can see that post here. (Also see how to turn your dining room from drab to fab) I used a lot of colors last year so I decided to switch it up this year. I simplified my color palette but still had to use orange. What is a Thanksgiving table without the iconic Fall color! I hope you like how it turned out.

Thanksgiving table set up

IMG_3216IMG_3217Thanksgiving table set up

Most items I purchased were from Amazon. You can see my home décor page here with everything linked. I wanted to brighten the space by adding a table cloth. Last year my table was very dark by using the color of the wood. I love how bright and simple it all turned out this year.

Placemats were from the dollar store but I linked the same ones on the décor page on Amazon. I had the plates and napkins already from our wedding and those have come in handy so many times now! Originally I was just going to stick with the orange and white but it was too boring for me so I added the eucalyptus and the green napkins. The eucalyptus is something that I can easily transition into Christmas table décor so if you get anything, I recommend that!

The larger white pumpkins were from the grocery store and when they’re not on the table, I place them on the porch. Dual purpose! The little white and orange pumpkins you might have seen from my Front Porch decorate with me post; also dual purposed!

Rules to follow when decorating your table.

  1. Always add height. Whether that be larger pumpkins or candlesticks, add a vertical element. With this, I did the pumpkins and the small tea light holder sticks.
  2. Use a green element (plants / faux plants / leaves etc.) I added the faux eucalyptus as my greenery. It makes the area more natural and adds some ‘life’.
  3. Layer, layer, layer! I like to layer my plate settings because it creates more visual interest but you can also layer table runners. I layered my plates as well as the eucalyptus, orange berries and pinecones.

Thanksgiving table set up

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Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,

Thanksgiving Table.jpg



  1. Kelsie Corbett
    November 12, 2019 / 2:55 pm

    Love the whole set up! The orange is a nice pop! I have a similar set up with the eucalyptus center- literally almost identical to last years because I’m lazy!! haha

    • November 13, 2019 / 12:17 pm

      Thank you! I changed mine up so much from last year and made it WAY more elevated, lol! I love the eucalyptus. I have ideas for it for my xmas table decor. 🙂

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