Shop Your Closet: 2 Ways To Style A Dress In The Fall

Shop Your Closet: 2 Ways To Style A Dress In The Fall

It’s nothing new that I love to wear dresses and skirts in the Fall and Winter so today I wanted to share with you 2 ways to style any dress that you own, for Fall. I wanted to create this post using older dresses that I had in my closet and give you gals tips on how to extend the life of older pieces and shop your own closet. My tips are at the bottom of this post. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love getting more wear out of what I buy. Who wouldn’t! I hope you enjoy.

Florals are here for Fall. I know you all own at least one floral dress if not seven, am I right! I’ve been seeing more and more being layered and worn from Summer well into these cooler months. I love that! I purchased a dress in the Spring that I could not get enough of and now I get to wear it even more just by throwing on a cardigan and some taller boots. Way number 1… add a cardigan. Add a chunky one, thin one, multi-colored one, doesn’t matter. By adding more layers you prolong the months you can wear that dress. Also, by wearing taller boots it helps keep you warmer. (look is below)

How to wear a dress in the FallHow to wear a dress in the Fall

I was about to donate this older polka dot dress of mine but loved the fit so much and couldn’t quite pull the trigger. So, I threw on a sweater and a belt with some booties and now it’s my favorite look! Way number 2… add a sweater. Most of the time this requires a mock neck or turtleneck sweater unless the dress has a lower neckline. Now my once older boring dress is an adorable trendy skirt that looks so great for Fall. I belted the sweater to give my waist more shape but this is not necessary. (look is below)

How to style a dress in the FallHow to style a dress in the Fall

This look was featured on the blog last Friday, see the post here!

A rule of thumb when layering these pieces; if your dress is patterned or has a busy print, wear a cardigan or sweater in a solid color. This will balance the look so it’s not so busy. Vise versa, if your dress is a solid color grab a cardigan or sweater in a fun print or pattern.

Ways to shop your closet.

  1. Try on everything. Make sure the pieces you are keeping fit you the way they should. Anything ill fitting should be donated.
  2. Find a tailor. If you love a piece but need small tweaks to make it perfect, get it tailored to extend the life of the piece.
  3. Inspired by todays blog post: wear old pieces new ways. Experiment from season to season and wear skirts throughout winter with layers or sweaters. Wear shorts in the Fall with blazers. Hem a maxi dress into a shorter one and wear it throughout the Summer. You get the point!
  4. Follow influencers or magazines for inspiration. I get inspo from everywhere when it comes to my styling. Remember those and look through your closet to see if you can re-create the look. It doesn’t have to be the exact pieces, just gather inspiration.

Photos in this post taken by yours truly and my tripod.

Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,

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