My Favorite Lip Colors For Fall

My Favorite Lip Colors For Fall

I’m not a makeup guru but I do like to get a little dolled up. I change out my lip colors with the seasons just like I would my wardrobe. I tend to stick with colors that compliment my skin tone and eye color so oranges are my comfort zone. I don’t wear a whole lot of bold lip colors but I have a few favorites that I want to share with you today. I hope you enjoy this post! The first 3 lip colors that I talk about are all very similar, just different finishes.

Orange / Brown / Nude – An oldie but a goodie is Toasted Almond from L’Oreal.  Online this color looks like it is much more brown, but on me it comes out as a orange nude shade. It applied smooth and smells so good. I do need to re-apply throughout the day. (photo below)

Maybelline Clay Crush 656 is hands down my favorite ‘nude’ because it has a slightly orange undertone to it. It’s a creamy matte shade and goes on smooth, lasts a while and only needs about one touch up to last all day. It’s cheap too! (photo below)

Next is one from the Disney collection from ColourPop and it’s called Ariel. It truly is an amped up version of my lip color but with a slight orange undertone. Even from ColourPop this lippy is still very affordable at only $8. It applies smooth, has a semi-glossy finish and smells good too. (photo below)

A sheer glossier lip color is this one from L’Oreal. It’s called 916 Luminous Coral . It’s a brighter coral / orange shade but I love the shine of it. It applies like butter and I love it. It may not be for all in the Fall but I do like to layer this one over a matte nude shade to give a little orange hue to my lips. (photo below)

Berry / Burgundy – Another Maybelline goodie is the 660 Touch Of Spice. It’s a matte shade that applies smoothly and is such a beautiful color. This is my favorite burgundy toned lip color. I do need to re-apply throughout the day but that doesn’t bug me. This color has just the slightest berry tone to it and it’s so perfect for Fall. (photo below)

Maybelline is my go-to for lip color, can’t you tell! Another one but different formula, is the Plumper Please Stunner shade. This lippie is a dual ended one. You apply the rounded lipstick end and then go over again with the gloss. You can use just the lipstick or just the gloss or both! There is a plumper agent in this product that feels like mini needles and is minty fresh. It has a stronger mint scent to it too. It really does work to make your lips look fuller. (photo below)

I like glosses in red over lipsticks and I’m not sure why. My go to is the L’Oreal 315 Rebel Red. This color is not really red but more of a subtle magenta. It’s pretty shiny but not sticky. The applicator is larger than other glosses and it makes it a little difficult to get precise but I love the color enough to deal with that. (photo below)

I’m a very affordable / drugstore shopper so I wanted to hold true to my methods. All of these lipstick and lip gloss options are under $10 and all but one can be found at Target, Walgreens or Walmart. Which is your favorite? Where do you shop for your lip colors?

Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,


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