How To Style A Fall Hat

How To Style A Fall Hat

I was given the opportunity to work with the talented and gorgeous Samantha Bowers on Midday Madison. I recoded a segment all about styling Fall hats. My how to’s are below. The segment goes live at 11:15 CST.

Pre-Tip: Stock up on the basics, colors that is. Once you find a good hat that is not too big or too small, brim wise, fits your head and wears comfortably, get it in a couple staple colors. I would suggest a black, cognac and/or light tan. These colors will get you through the Fall no matter what it is that you are wearing.

How To Style A Fall Hat

  1. Match your hat color to your accessories. This can be a purse, shoes or a chunky necklace, even a scarf. Color matching helps tie a whole look together. I like to match my hat to my shoes to keep your eyes moving around my whole outfit from my head to my toes.
  2. When wearing floppier or larger hats, wear something more form fitted on the bottom. This creates balance. The hat is already big enough, don’t make yourself look big too! Vise versa if your hat is very rigid and structured with harsher edges; wear looser fitting clothing on the bottom.
  3. Wear your hair down. For me this is a must because I have a thinner face. If I don’t wear my hair down it makes the hat look too big for my head, even though it may not be. When my hair is down, it adds just enough width to the sides of my face. It’s all about proportion.
  4. Go all monochromatic. Create an entire look using only one color. Match your hat to the rest of your look. This look is effortless yet polished and so easy to do, especially with black. If you want to add a pop color, then add a scarf or necklace, even a purse.
  5. Wear the opposite. What I mean by this is, if you have a burgundy hat wear something in the green range. If you have a blue hat, wear something orange. They’re not called complimentary colors for no reason!

Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,

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  1. October 1, 2019 / 2:16 pm

    A large brimmed hat and large sunglasses make a bold statement. Wear your hair down and slightly casual or in looser curls for a put together but not too fussy look

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