How To Turn Your Dining Room From Drab To Fab

How To Turn Your Dining Room From Drab To Fab

I’ve been meaning to redo my dining room for quite some time and today I’m sharing with you a few tips to take your boring table and chairs to the next level. I hope you find these tips helpful!

Add a rug

This may seem obvious but everyone needs this reminder. A rug anchors the space. Especially in my home, my dining room is right in the middle of a larger space so a rug is needed to differentiate the spaces. Make sure your rug is large enough that when chairs are pulled out they are still on the rug! Mine is 10 x 14. I also suggest something that is not very busy and more on the neutral side. Remember this rug is going to be large and too much pattern can be very distracting. I’ve picked out a few of my favorites below.

Add accent seating

I love this look! It feels so expensive and all I did was buy a couple chairs. Easy right! You can add accent chairs all the way around, just at the head table spots or even add a bench. Pick unique seating other than just the ones that came with your dining room set. A contrasting color can add more interest or even a similar color but different style. I chose beige to add to the head table spots to contrast the table and add a level of elegance to my dining room. These chairs are from Bed Bath and Beyond. See my shopping experience here.


A chandelier can make or break this space, I’m telling you! Pick something that adds to the décor vibe that already exists in your home. Our chandelier matches the ones in our entryway and above the island. This ties the higher areas in your home together. You can get away with something a little more trendy if your dining room is tucked away, or in a separate space. Since mine is right out in the open, adding something very unique or edgy would not fit the spaces around it.

Add table décor

This could be a lot of things. I love a good table runner. I change mine out with the seasons. This is an easy way to add pattern and color into the space without going over the top. I always have flowers in the house so I add a nice vase full of blooms right in the center. This could also be a candelabra, a sculpture that you like to look at, a bowl of fruit, anything!

Don’t clutter / Pick the right size table

Dining room

Don’t have too may things in the space. Your table is large enough. Make sure there is room around each of the chairs when they are pulled out for people to walk freely around. If you have to push in chairs just to get around, you have too big a dining room table. This may mean that you need to clear out a few things that line the walls just to make room. Some people may have a buffet or cabinet in this space as well, which makes sense but if you’re cramming things in your dining room it will feel too closed in. Let your table speak for itself. Just a reminder that your dining room table does not need to be a rectangle either. Round tables are just as appealing. There are also may options available for round rugs too. I linked a few options above under ‘Rugs’.

Wall décor

Add complimenting colors and art to your walls. If your table is very dark, try not to add too many dark pieces to the walls. Think light and bright to contrast. Vise versa if your table is lighter colored. This balance helps make the space more visually appealing.

I hope you found this post helpful when either picking out pieces for your dining room or re-designing. Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,

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