Top 5 Nail Colors You Need This Spring With Kiss

Top 5 Nail Colors You Need This Spring With Kiss

Kiss recently sent me a few imPRESS nails to try out and I’m so excited to share my top 5  nail colors for Spring! I have been a huge fan of imPRESS and KISS nails for years and years. One of my first blog posts was all about my nails featuring imPRESS. I’ve also posted a few times about KISS nails and imPRESS since then and you can see those posts here and here. I typically get my imPRESS nails at Target, they are cheaper than Walgreens. you can also shop directly at

KISS nails

My Top 5 Must Have Nail Colors

  1. Light Purple – I have always loved purple! Purple is my top choice for a nail color and it’s also my husbands first choice.
  2. Light / Pale Pink / Any Pink! or here– Pink tones are perfect for Spring time. The lighter the shade, the more neutral it comes off.
  3. White – I don’t get my nails done white very often but I have been seeing more and more white lately. It’s neutral, goes with everything and really makes you look more tan! Love that about white nails.
  4. Coral (2019 Pantone color of the year) – This color is so beautiful. I love peachy corals, red corals, pink corals, you name it! You will certainly be on trend with this nail color on your hands this Spring!
  5. Light Blue – I love me a good pale blue shade. Blue tones are making a comeback this Spring in all sorts of ways. It’s a great color to pair with muted tones for Spring.
  6. KISS nailsKISS nails

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  1. April 19, 2019 / 2:53 pm

    i used to wear different nail color but now as a mother i only used the white one from kiss by the way. i have used different brands but none of them suits me. and i try to wear different nail colors occasionally.

    • April 19, 2019 / 3:28 pm

      White is a great option for all year round but looks so nice on tanned skin. They just stand out so much more. I’m a fan of all the colors!

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