New Years Goals For 2019!

New Years Goals For 2019!

Hello Lovelies. It’s here, the end of 2018 and day one of 2019! I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone. I’m anxious and excited for the new year. As a family we have a vacation planned to the Bahamas and my husband and I are crossing off a bucket list item by going to the Kentucky Derby! There will probably be an Atlanta trip in there to head down and see my sister but that hasn’t been scheduled yet. We may even do Christmas in Georgia this year!

Below were my goals from 2018 and I did a pretty good job at meeting those goals. I’m giving you an update on those too. My 2019 goals are at the bottom of this post.

MY GOALS FOR 2018 were…
1. Recycle my closet and wardrobe – I have great basics and staple pieces that I forget about. I want to plan out my outfit better and take time to sift through what I have. I will still link my outfits but most will not be the exact items. I hope that you can gain inspiration from my pictures to create your own style. I would love to see your images so use the hashtag #style608 so I can see them! I will be starting a new series on my blog that relates to this goal so stay tuned for more details and spread the word!
UPDATE: I started a series called Inspiration Recreation to try and recycle my wardrobe and it’s been going strong since it launched!

2. Stay organized and work ahead so I can have a consistent posting schedule – I have invested in a good planner and have been working really hard over the weekends to stay ahead and to work ahead on blog posts. I have established a new routine to help me stay focused by creating a timeline and work schedule.
UPDATE: Yes! I have been posting consistently twice a week, if not more, since January 1. Every Tuesday and Friday you can expect a blog post from me. Subscribe so you don’t miss out.

3. Focus on my mental health – I have really bad anxiety and I want to take more time for me. Do what makes me happy and voice my concerns if something is bothering me. I tend to internalize everything and it’s not healthy. Schedule girls nights, get massages, do more yoga and work outside the house to avoid distractions.
UPDATE: I have been getting monthly massages since January of 2018 and I’m still going. Knowing I have an hour to relax, sleep, clear my head and do nothing is really rewarding. I feel like a whole new person when I leave. I also do yoga in the mornings on the weekends to jump start my day and I’ve been avoiding stressors. It’s been a good mental health year for me.

4. Read more – I have made the goal to read more this year. I love to read but have neglected taking the time to sit and dive into a good book. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments below.
UPDATE: Boy have I been ‘reading’. I like to listen to my books but have read one or two this year. You can see my recent reads here and here. I love a good mystery!

5. Spend more quality time with my husband – This means disconnecting at the end of the day from technology and focusing on the time we have together. We have roommates and we don’t have a whole lot of alone time so I want to make the time we do get, count. I want to try to get my work done when he is gone or busy so when we’re together we can really be together.
UPDATE: We have both put in work in this department and it really has showed. We eat dinner every night together at the table and talk about our days. We have made a point to have conversations without distractions about hot button issues and it has really helped us to see each others side of things. I have been more vocal about asking for help and he has responded with flying colors. I just didn’t want to bother him or be annoying so I would try to take on the world all by myself, not a good idea! I think we make this marriage thing look easy! : )

Alrighty ya’ll (courtesy of my sister) below are my 2019 goals!

1. SAVE MONEY! I’m terrible at this and so is my husband. We’ve actually already started a new method of saving money and it has really helped us. I need to be a better budgeter and stop spending money on stupid things. We love to travel so we are budgeting for a big trip soon!

2. Update my house room by room. I have a plan in place for this and it requires #1 to be successful. I am doing a home update for some rooms/areas in my house that will make it onto the blog. A few being the basement man cave, the laundry room and our hall closet. Stay tuned for those!

3. Take breaks from social media. This may come as a shock but, my IG account, Facebook, Twitter, all of it will be stagnant for a week or two at a time throughout the year. I know this is risky and I may lose some of you but I think it’s really important to disengage and enjoy life not through the camera of a cell phone.

4. Continue on the right path that I set for myself from my 2018 goals. 🙂 

And with that, that concludes this post. I appreciate all the support and thank you for keeping up and running. Until next time,


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