HOME UPDATE: My Home Office, I Redecorated

HOME UPDATE: My Home Office, I Redecorated

I’ve been itching to redecorate my home office for over a year now! I already had most pieces but I was very excited to get the chance to re-do what I’ve been wanting to fix. My very first blog post ever features the before photos and you can see that post here. I have all the original pieces but want to change it. I wanted brighter everything! I fixed the gallery wall and simplified it too.

Guidelines I followed while redecorating my home office.
Pick a color scheme
Our WeddingColor inspiration can come from anything; a rug, a pillow, a piece of jewelry or even a photo. It’s helpful to have a starting point rather than walking in blind with a hodge podge of random colorful items. You can then dial in design and pieces that you want to add.
My photo color scheme inspo came from a photo from my wedding. I had succulents in my bouquet to incorporate green and had coral and light pink accents. Exactly how I wanted my office to look. I love the color of the walls in my office. It’s Simple Sage from Behr and you can get it at Home Depot.

Less is more

No need to go overboard. Simplicity can look finessed. When there’s too many patterns, too many colors or just too much stuff it keeps your eye wandering and wandering with no place to rest. Give your eyes and break and create a calm, simple space with well thought out pieces. This leads me into…

Pick a statement piece
This can be something large or uniquely shaped/colored that grabs the attention or sparks up a conversation. My statement piece in this room is my desk. I wanted it to be the first thing that caught your eye when walking into the room. You can use this rule when decorating end tables, coffee tables and even desks.

Rule of threes
Odd numbers are more visually appealing and create calming and simplified triangles. I followed this guideline when picking items to place on top of the desk. This guideline also applies to stacked items like trays or books.

Incorporate something ‘natural’ 
Incorporating plants, succulents or even fake flowers help liven up a space and make it feel more homey. You can add a tall corner plant or a small plant shelf to add a little ‘life’ into your space. This does not need to be a plant either. You could add natural wood details or a really neat piece of driftwood as your natural element. I added a few fake plants for my natural element.

THE BEFORECloset BeforeOffice BeforeOffice Before.Office before

Office revealOffice desk and rugOffice mirrorOffice closet

I love how my office turned out. I created a little reading area as well as an outfit planning space. The frames for the gallery wall were all on clearance at my local hobby shop and were all crazy wild colors. I spray painted each of them and I think they turned out great. The art in the frames is from IKEA.

Office detailsOffice details.Office detailsOffice details.Office chair


Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,

Home Office Update


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