Where To Get Discounted Brand Name Sunnies

Where To Get Discounted Brand Name Sunnies

I’m so excited for this week because my husband and I both have off work to get house projects completed. We have quite the list and are hoping to get it all done. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve done a staycation. I’m looking forward to making breakfast each day, doing some golfing and getting our list of projects done!

Today I’m talking all about some sunnies that are worth that little bit of extra coin and where to find them at a discount. I recently purchased Ray Ban Sunglasses and I love them! I have the worst luck with sunglasses so I was nervous about getting these. I now take the best care of these sunglasses because they do cost more than my typical $15 Target pairs.

I bought the RAY-BAN RB2180 model in turtledove with the tinted lenses. They retail for $158 but I did not pay anything close to that. I found this pair at www.therealreal.com for only $70! I learned of the RealReal from Youtuber Alex Garza. They have over 1,000 Ray Ban Sunglasses that are all verified and real and you get them at a huge discount. This site has tons of authentic bags, clothing items and other accessories to choose from. Again, all certified, verified and real, just gently pre-owned. Check out the RealReal for yourself! Use the code REAL for 20% off your purchase. (exclusions apply)

I love the color of these sunglasses because they are so neutral. I can wear them with black or brown without issue; they go with everything. I prefer the plastic frames over the wire frames because they fit my face better. They wear comfortably, I love the circular frame shape and I LOVE that I got them as such a great deal! Ray Ban Sunnies

Sunnies 6Sunnies 5

Not only does the RealReal have authentic sunnies at a discount but you can also look on Zulily. Zulily sells just about everything you can think of at discounted prices straight from the retailers. They are overstock, out of season items or older model items that need to be sold. Not everything is available all the time so sign up for their emails to get notified of new stores being added. Ray-Ban was featured a little while ago and they will be coming back!

Overstock is another great site for discounted Ray-Ban sunnies. They sell just about everything you can think of too. There are always coupons or deals for Overstock that you can apply to your order to save even more!Sunnies 4Sunnies 3SunniesSunnies 1

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