TNT Series – August

TNT Series – August

Where did August go? I blinked and it was already over which means that Summer is coming to an end and Fall is creeping up. I love Fall but Summers in Wisconsin are never long enough. What is your favorite season?

You’d better believe that I’ve got another face mask for you! What face masks are you loving? What should I try next?

Some links are affiliate links. These photos are my own. 

ELF magnetic maskFirst up, I was so excited to try this out because I never have before. It’s the E.L.F. Beauty Shield Recharging Magnetic Mask. I ordered mine online from Target. It’s $24 and comes with the magnetic mask, a dual ended magnetic wand that both applies and removes the mask and 20 magnetic wand covers for easy clean up. This mask is meant to replenish the skin with loads of antioxidants.
+ Love that this mask is easy clean up with no rinsing required
+ The smell of this mask is slightly fruity
+ Love that this mask starts to get a little warm on the skin
+ Wear for only 5 minutes because ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’
+ Easy clean up with the wand covers
+ Easy application with the wand
+ Makes my face feel so smooth and instantly lifts away skin impurities
+ Love the container and how clean and pretty it looks. Yes, packaging helps sell products. It’s a shimmery, white, iridescent looking container and I love how clean it looks.
– If you apply to much of the mask then you need to use more than 1 wand cover to get it all off
– The container for the mask is a bit deceiving. There is not as much product in there as I thoughtELF Magnetic Mask 2ELF Magnetic Mask 1

Jade RollerNext up we have a beauty trend item that is all the rage right now. It’s the jade roller. I purchased mine on Amazon for just under $16. I read so many reviews on these rollers, watched videos, researched and then finally bought one. Jade rollers are meant to be used to reduce puffiness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. When used in addition to the scraper (Gua Sha) it increases skin circulation and eliminates toxins from the skin.
+ Reduces wrinkles – YES.
+ Reduces puffiness – Double YES.
+ Feels durable and well made in your hand
+ Came with a carrying case for the roller and scraper (Gua Sha)
+ Comes with an E-manual on how to use which gets mailed to you
+ Helps reduce dark circles under the eyes which I need help with
+ Improves circulation in the face and neck area
+ Helps products penetrate the skin deeper. (Use after your skin care regimen)
+ Helps reduce headache pains
+ Also came with a jade stone called a Gua Sha (scraper)
+ You can use this other than on your face – I use it on my lower back too
+ This roller has the prong going all the way through the jade stones so there is no way that this stone can fall off.
– The main one being, does this really work? I have not used this long enough to see significant results but time will tell. At this point it is a mental game but I will continue to use because it feels great and it’s effortless to use.
– Unless you store this in the fridge, the jade warms up sooner that I would like it toJade Roller TNT seriesJade Roller TNTJade Roller Use

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