How I Relax with Yardley Soaps

How I Relax with Yardley Soaps

This post is sponsored by Yardley Soaps and BrandBacker. 

I received these soaps courtesy of Yardley London and BrandBacker to test and review. All opinions are my own. #yardleysoaps Check out Yardley Soaps for yourself. Soaps (3).jpg

Baths are great and I try to take them once every couple weeks if not more but sometimes a nice steam shower is all you need to relax. Be it work life or personal issues, we all have our reasons why we carry stress. Since 1770, Yardley London has been creating soaps to help you escape, unwind and de-stress. With three scents like English Lavender, Oatmeal & Almond and new Creamy Coconut you can be sure to find a scent that you love.

An extra hot steam shower is one way that I relax. I light some candles, grab my speaker to play some calming music, I pick out a hair mask, grab some essential oils and my favorite bath bar; Creamy Coconut and I head on in. I put in the hair mask, place a few drops of essentials oils on the shower floor and lather up the loofah with Creamy Coconut. The scent reminds me of Hawaii and showering outside while looking at the mountain side. It brings me back to when I got engaged and fills me with happy memories. This scent is by far my favorite.

Each box is 100% recyclable and inside you will find a bath bar that is crafted with essential oils that create a rich lather to soothe both your skin and your senses. English Lavender has a lovely, light scent of lavender without being overwhelming. Inhaling deep while showering with this bath bar will melt away your stress and help calm your mind. Yardley Soaps Lavender
Oatmeal & Almond is your exfoliator bar. It contains natural oatmeal that helps protect skin against drying out. The scent of almond extract reminds me of cookies and this bar smells so good I could eat it. I urge you to not do that, but the scent is so familiar and comforting which has made this the most popular bath bar in the line.
Creamy Coconut was the first box I opened up because I love the smell of coconuts. This bath bar is meant to moisturize and hydrate dry and irritated skin and it does just that. Leaving no residue, my skin felt soft and smooth with help from the aloe and vitamin E that this bar contains. All of these bath bars creates the richest lather that covers your whole body. You can apply the bar straight to your skin or to a loofah and you will get the same results.

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The experience you get from using these soaps is not only for the wealthy. They’re so affordable it’s criminal. You can get these bath bars for under $1 at Walmart or, if your local drug store, food store of Dollar Store are more convenient, you can get them there too for under $2.

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