Enso Rings and Global Citizen

Enso Rings and Global Citizen

I posted the below review with Enso last November. You can see that review here. I am reposting this review because Enso has teamed up with Global Citizen; a movement fighting to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030. Global Citizen was founded in 2008 and the headquarters is based in New York. The stats are powerful. GC has already taken over 14 million actions, have commitments of $35 billion dollars and are set to change over 1.7 billions lives. I wanted to bring more awareness to this movement by reposting this Enso ring review. Join the movement, support, pledge, give anything that you can.
Enso has created a limited edition ‘rings for a reason’ ring valued at $30 to help bring awareness to extreme poverty. By purchasing this ring you ‘make a powerful statement towards your commitment to activism.’
For Father’s Day the entire site is 20% off too. (excludes GC ring) Enso Ring and Global Citizen.png

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About Enso
They’re a company that strives to create a safer alternative to traditional rings. Enso provides silicone rings that are safe to wear no matter what it is that you’re doing. They sell rings for him, rings for her, stackable rings and bundle deals. They come in many different sizes and designs too. A few of my favorite mens designs are below. I love that they come in a variety of colors too. Most have at least 5 color options to choose from. They also offer engraving!

I purchased the Classic Elements Silicone Ring in Black Pearl for my husband. This ring is actually infused with pearl which I thought was so neat. The copper is infused with copper and the silver with actual silver. The Black Pearl has a shimmer to it without looking feminine and it’s very subtle. The classic ring width is 6.6mm in width, which is the one I purchased, and it is also available in the thin width at 4.3mm. The classic ring has air channels on the inside of it to help your finger breathe. These rings are also made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee.

These rings are great for trade workers where there is chance that you could losing a finger. Each ring is made with anti ring avulsion technology which basically means that your ring will not rip your finger off if it were to get caught on something. On construction sites or manufacturing jobs, workers need to tape off their rings for this reason. Not with Enso. Enso rings work great for anyone with an active lifestyle. Hikers, bikers, swimmers you name it. They’re great for traveling if you fear bringing your diamond ring and they’re a perfect alternative for anyone with a metal allergy. There are so many benefits to this ring. I urge you to purchase one for yourself and try it. My husband wanted to make sure that I mention that you don’t even notice that it’s on your finger. He showers and sleeps in his ring now where as before, he barely wore his original Tungsten ring.

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know if Enso is something you have tried. What design have you purchased? What designs are your favorites? Until next time,


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