Get Fit With Folsom & Co. – They’re Not Just Watches!

Get Fit With Folsom & Co. – They’re Not Just Watches!

This post is sponsored by Folsom & Co.

I purchased the Jones watch in rose gold from Folsom & Co. awhile back and wear it all the time. It comes in 5 different colors, has a 40mm watch face and the band is made of stainless steel. When I first heard of Folsom & Co. I thought watches, as you might be thinking. Oh no, no, no my friends. Folsom & Co. offers products like swimwear, bags, other accessories and leggings, which I’m featuring today!Folsom & Co LeggingsFolsom & Co front 1

I picked out the Kelly leggings, size medium, in white. The pattern is fun and trendy and I love the details in the design. I’m so over the bland, simple black leggings to work out in. Lately I’ve gravitated towards more fun colors and patterns which is why I was so excited about these leggings. This design also comes in a black option. There are 12 different legging options that range from $32.99 up to $54.99.

To test these leggings I did some yoga in the park. I’m an avid yogi so I really put these leggings to work. The leggings moved with my body and stayed up without slouching. They have an elastic band to help keep everything in and up. The material is nice and soft and breathes well in these warmer months. They hit at the ankle and they fit true to size. The white pair are a little thin but you cannot see through them. I loved wearing the Kelly leggings. I got complimented twice during this shoot! I felt confident and motivated to push myself. It’s true what they say, “when you look good, you feel good.”Folsom & Co YogaFolsom & Co Yoga 1Folsom & Co Yoga 3Folsom & Co Yoga 4Folsom & Co Yoga 5Folsom & Co Yoga 6

I am not a trainer or dietitian and anything I mention below works for me, my lifestyle and my metabolism.
I try and workout at least 5 times a week. I am fortunate enough to be able to workout during my workday so I take full advantage. I can run on a treadmill, take a workout class or ride my mountain bike on the trails across the street. I do yoga twice a week, strength training two days a week and cardio one day. I do not always stay consistent with this schedule but I try to just move my body and get out of my chair, 5 times a week.
Since swim suit season is upon us I have been focusing on toning. I still keep up with the yoga but I add a 30 minute ab session and really work on the glutes.
In addition to working out, what has really worked for me is eating a lot more mini meals throughout the day as opposed to three; breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m basically eating and snacking all day long which sounds crazy but it really helps control overindulgence, which can happen if you limit yourself.

Thank you all so much for reading and thank you to Folsom & Co. for sponsoring this post. Until next time,


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