Studex Earrings – Made For Sensitive Ears

Studex Earrings – Made For Sensitive Ears
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Welcome to another review post! I recently received the Studex earrings made specifically for sensitive ears. I did receive two pairs of earrings in addition to a ear and earring cleaner. All opinions are my own. @studex_usa #noirritationearrings  #piercing  #earpiercing  #kidsearrings  #metalallergiesstudex.jpg

Studex was founded in 1976 in Las Angeles, California. They strive to provide worldwide quality earrings that meet and exceed USA FDA and Euro regulation standards. Each pair of earrings in their Sensitive Earrings Collection is made to be fashionable. on-trend, is allergy free, has a lifetime guarantee and uses a medical grade stainless steel. Talk about amazing! Because 1 in 3 people suffer from metal allergies or sensitivities, Studex has made it a priority to bring that niche an earring that they can wear in up to 60 different styles.

Each pair of earrings ships in a sterilized and sealed package. It took some effort to get these suckers open too. The packaging is nice and clean with black stripes and pops of gold. The sterling silver earrings come with pops of silver on the packaging. Easy to distinguish between the two. The earring lotion comes in a 4 FL. OZ bottle and pops open for easy use. The bottle says lotion and when I opened it, it was not what I expected. It is a clear water like substance and not like a lotion at all. To clean my earrings I put a little squirt of the lotion into my hand. Studex 1studex earring lotion .JPG

I wore these earrings for 7 days straight but took them out to sleep. In that 7 days I had no irritation, no itching, no swelling; I barely knew they were even in my ears. The back has a tight fit to ensure that you will not loose an earring. The size of fashion earrings is about 5mm in diameter and 24K Gold-plated with a cubic zirconia stone. I also received the ‘lil ears’ earrings which are perfect for younger children or babies. That stone is about 3mm in diameter. The stone is nice and bright and makes an impact on the ear. They wear nicely and do not fit too tightly. (Ha, that rhymed) The Gold-plated color is a little yellow for me but all you see is the stone from straight on so this does not bother me.

I picked out a few of my favorites below. You can purchase Studex earrings on amazon. Check out the link HERE.
Silver Hoops | Gold Flower | Rainbow Flower | White Pearls 

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