TNT Series – April

TNT Series – April

This month I’ve got more masks, surprise, surprise. You can bet that there will be a new face mask that I am trying out almost every month. This month I am trying out a peel off one which I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I also have an Influenster campaign at the bottom so be sure to check that out and sign up for free! I hope you guys are still enjoying these types of posts.

Miss Spa Minimize Facial Peel-Off Mask I picked this up at Target for $3. There were so many new ones that came out like this one and a bee venom one, which I also picked up. Can’t wait to try that one. (See below) I love the idea of a peel-off mask and this one was very affordable. It is a one time use. You apply a thin layer onto your face, wait 20 minutes for it to dry and then start peeling. The mask is a little thick but pretty easy to apply. I used a foundation brush for this step but you could use your fingers. It goes on very shiny as you can see below. It gets a little stiff after 20 minutes and if you do not wait long enough for this mask to dry, it will not come off easily. I started peeling from my chin and moved upwards. It felt like ripping off a bandaid. Some areas were more sensitive than others. My skin felt so smooth afterwards. This mask is meant to help minimize enlarged pores and remove impurities. Loved it so much that I bought more!!


Miss Spa Bee Venom Sheet Mask $4 Sounds cooler than it was. I wore this while taking a bath and after a while I could feel the blood rushing to my face, like it was pulsating. It was a unique feeling. Has anyone else tried this mask and had that happen? I’m just curious. It wasn’t bad and I still wore it for the recommended 20 minutes with no issues. I thought that my face would start stinging or tingling at least, but other than the pulsating feeling, that was it. This mask is meant to help improve skins elasticity. For how inexpensive these are I will probably try this again while not in the bath and see if anything changes. Do you guys like it? Had different reactions? It really does have bee venom in it so anyone with a bee allergy should NOT use this.Face Mask and Lip Mask

Burts Bee’s Moisturizing Lip Mask $3 I picked this up at Target after I ran out of my other lip masks. This mask is not what I expected at all. I was thinking it would be a gel lip mask but this is a super thin, cheese cloth like material mask that smells just like coconuts and pineapple. It does have a slit in it so you can still talk and drink and you only wear it for 5 minutes. Other lip masks that I have used are supposed to be on for up to 45 minutes! I liked the quick and easy application of this mask but it did not stay on very well. I felt I needed to lay down in order to keep it on my face. It had an oily feeling to it but my lips soaked that right up. I feel like it hydrated pretty well and being fairly inexpensive, I will probably try it again for a quick lip fix.

Candy Club Subscription Box Get $20 off your first box when you sign up here, Candy Club Box 1. If you’re anything like me that you’re a sucker for candy and anything sweet. There are 3 levels of boxes that you can choose from. Choose a shipment for 1 moth, 6 months or for an entire year. You can get up to 6 candies in each shipment. There is always a bonus candy in each box too. I received the box with 3 candies in it. You are unable to customize each box so what you get is what you get BUT they are working on updating this. I love all types of candies so I was down. Each candy comes in just under a pint size container so you get A LOT. I received the blue raspberry belts, cupcake bikes and potato chip clusters. The bonus candy was a vanilla taffy. The blue raspberry belts were so sour but chewy and soft. The cupcake bites were harder on the outside and soft on the inside. With the sprinkles on the outside, they tasted just like a confetti cupcake. The potato chip clusters were a milk chocolate candy with broken up potato chips in it. It was such a great combination of sweet and salty. The vanilla taffy was harder but that is probably because this package was delivered during a snow storm but they had the right amount of vanilla flavor to them. Love this subscription box and I look forward to the next one! You can see my unboxing video on my Facebook page.

Last but not least the Eos Crystal Lip Balm. I picked this up at Target ($5) as part of an Influenster campaign. You’ve heard me talk about Influenster before and you can see all my reviews here. Influenster is a community of people who try and use products and write honest reviews about them. The more you review and engage, the better your chances are for free items to try out. The sign up is free and there is no obligation to purchase anything. To sign up, click here.
I would have not considered buying another Eos lip balm until this campaign only because they are bulky to carry around. This shape is different than the older versions. This one is more of a rounded pyramid than an egg shape. The top closes tightly to ensure no spilling too, which I liked. This lip balm is clear and free of wax. It’s hydrating and smooth and the vanilla flavor that I got smells so good I could eat! There are two flavors to choose from; vanilla honey and hibiscus peach. I’m a sucker for anything peach but I opted for the vanilla to change it up. Plus, I thought the peach would smell too sweet. Have you tried the peach? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. I love to reapply this lip balm because it is so darn cute! I really like that it is clear too. There’s just something about that fact that makes me like it more. Overall, I like it a lot and would recommend purchasing.Eos Lip Balm.JPG

Thank you all so much for reading. Stay tuned to style 608 for next months TNT series. Until next time,


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