Spring Essentials // Silk Scarves

Silk scarves and headbands are more of a trend piece than an essential. Although, I’ve seen more and more colors and patterns lately that it may as well be. I love how versatile these scarves can be. You can wear them on your head or around your neck and even add them to accessories like purses. They’re a great addition to any simple outfit.

I’ve picked out my favorites below. I’m all about a patterned scarf if my outfit is neutral and will opt for a solid scarf if I’m sporting some bright colors or stripes. There are so many retailers selling these scarves now that you will not have trouble finding one that you like. I’m loving all the florals and polka dot patterns. Spring Essential Silk Scarveds.png

  1. Print Square Silk Scarf from Nordstrom
  2. Lightweight Printed Neckerchief in Blue Multi Floral from Old Navy ($7 today!)
  3. Flower Silk Twill Scarf from Ralph Lauren
  4. Bandana Scarf in coral pattern from Abercrombie
  5. Silk bandana from Madewell
  6. Plain Basic Bandana in pink from Shein
  7. Women’s Print Bandana from Target
  8. Lightweight Printed Neckercheif in Cream Floral in Old Navy (Only $5 today!)
  9. Bandana Scarf in light blue dot from Abercrombie
  10. Plain Basic Bandana in yellow from Shein

Thank you all for reading. Until next time,


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