Fashion Life Hacks

Fashion Life Hacks

Todays topic: fashion hacks and a few tips. I only have a few fashion life hacks to share with you but I think you will find them useful. Two hacks are organizational that I learned while putting together my beauty room. I hope you enjoy! Make sure you read all the way to the bottom because I give out a good shopping hack and an amazing shopping app.

  1. The pant leg tuck and roll. I’m taller at 5’7″ so normally I do not need to shorten my jeans. I do have one pair that I like to make shorter for a pair of taller booties and didn’t want to roll them more than once and have it be bulky. I showed a step by step below. This method works so well and makes your jeans look like they fit you length wise, that much better.

    I’m not a fan of the slouchy pant leg. Just throwing on a long pair of jeans and letting them either tuck into the bootie or hangout on top is not a cute look. I’m not a fan of the huge cuff either. Don’t get me wrong I love a good cuff but when it’s larger than 2″ it looks ridiculous. Jeans.png
    1. Pull up pant leg to just above the bootie 2. Tuck the extra jean into the inside of your pant leg leaving some out at the bottom 3. Roll the jean that you left out at the bottom up over the just tucked jean 4. Adjust as needed
    Booties | Jeans

  2. Buying kids sizes. I use this hack all the time not only to save money but sometimes to get a better fit because I’m more petite. Examples shown below. I’ve been eyeing up the Women’s Los Gatos fleece vest at Patagonia for a while now but stopped when I saw that the Girls Los Gatos fleece vest for $40 cheaper. Patagonia offers sizes for girls up to a XXL which is great! Not all kids sizes go up past large but it’s worth checking out.

    These Adidas joggers were $15 cheaper in kid sizes. I got a L (14-16) for reference. I found these at Costco. They’re long enough on me and the elastic at the waist is not too tight. I recommend looking in the Kids section because half the time they have tops and bottoms that match the adult sizes.

  3. Use hair ties to hold up your sleeves. I use looser hair ties around long sleeve tops to keep them up on my arms or to make any long sleeve a 3/4 sleeve. I use this technique for blazers, loose armed sweatshirts and even lightweight jackets. A step by step is below.

    I wanted to make this jacket a 3/4 length and have the black long sleeve pop out of the bottom. The jacket would not stay up by itself as you can see and rolling it made it too bully and tight on my arm. I didn’t like it. Sometimes just rolling your sleeves will work but I waned to add some sleeve detail.

    Jacket1. Get looser hair ties so you don’t cut off the circulation in your arms 2. Place hair tie on your arm, above the elbow 3. scrunch up the sleeve so it covers the hair tie 4. Adjust as needed and you’re done.
    Camel Jacket | Black Long Sleeve | Jeans

  4. Use a shoe rack as a scarf holder. If you’re anything like me than you have a lot of scarves. I bought this shoe rack a while ago from Walmart and didn’t need it anymore for it’s intended purpose so I mounted it to the wall and used it as a scarf rack. It holds all my scarves and even a couple of pairs of shoes at the bottom. It’s inexpensive and lets you see all your scarves at once. I love the visual and it adds a lot of color to the room.
  5. Use a scarf rack for belts. I was gifted a scarf rack for Christmas one year but already had my shoe rack turned scarf rack so I didn’t need it. I did however need an organizer for my belts. Voila! Scarf turned belt holder and it works perfectly. You can always loop your belts onto the scarf rack but I had extra curtain rod rings lying around my house and used those to hang my belts on. Check it out below.
  6. Shopping hack. This one I just learned about from Jennifer Reed at the @thesisterstudioig on Instagram. If you add sale, clearance or discounted items into your cart at HM and don’t purchase, HM will honor the sale price even if the price has changed. Worth trying out right!
  7. Shopping hack. Not really a hack but an app that I recently discovered from Ashley Brooke. I watch her youtube videos all the time and recently she talked about an app called Shoptagr. This app allows you to save items that you’ve had your eye on and it will alert you when they go on sale, get any soft of discount or promo, get restocked and more! There is an extension to add into your browser to make it easy to add items to your lists. You can even get a notification of things in your size! It’s awesome and definetly worth the download!That’s all I have for now. What fashion hacks are your favorites? I’d love to hear what your hacks are so leave them in the comments below. Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,



  1. February 23, 2018 / 9:28 am

    Love how you hung up those belts girly and your scarves look so cute hung up on that shoe rack!

    • February 23, 2018 / 10:19 am

      Thank you so much! It’s nice having them all spread out so I know what I have. : )

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