10 Steps To A Successful Spa Night At Home

10 Steps To A Successful Spa Night At Home

I try, once a week, to really let go of all my stress and have a spa night at home. Work and the constant running around, making dinner and all the cleaning, not having a minute alone to myself and the expectations of the holidays all cause me stress and anxiety. I’ll get real with you for a second. I have two roommates that both moved in within the last year. My husband and I had our house to ourselves for two and a half years before friends and family moved in. There are constantly people at my house and it makes me go crazy sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both and we’re happy to help them out, but spa nights are a MUST for my mental health and sanity.

I either take a steam shower or a nice long bath. I prefer baths so I can sit and de-stress for 20-30 minutes and be alone. I always listen to relaxation radio on Pandora. It’s so calming and I love the variety of artists. I’ll go into more detail below but first a quick overview of my 10 steps to a successful and stress free spa night at home.

1. Draw bath and add in favorite bath bomb
2. Add essential oils or epsom salts
3. Pick out favorite face mask
4. Pick out favorite lip mask
5. Get music station ready
6. Light, at the very least, three candles. I always go overboard : )
7. Get favorite glass of wine
8. Keep towel and/or robe close to tub – Key for me and you’ll find out why below
9. Grab any exfoliating scrubs or bars to keep close by too
10. Lotion up and moisturize

1. – 2. Every time I draw a bath I always add my favorite bath bombs from Lush. They smell amazing and being handmade I know they don’t contain all that yucky added crap. These bath bombs leave my skin feeling so nice and soft. If I’m feeling extra tense I add peppermint oil but only a couple drops. If you add too much you will start to feel cold. That is not relaxing. Lavender oil is a natural calming oil so I add it every time too.

3. I love the Loreal clay masks. Literally all of them. They have a newer one that is called ‘clear and comfort’ so I tend to use that one. It’s blue so I love it even more. I also really like the Miss Spa sheet masks. I use the detox one if I decide I want a sheet mask. I put on under eye gels at the same time. I recently received some in my Winter FabFitFun box. You can see that post here. I put these on first before I put any sheet or clay mask on my face.

4. I use a sugar scrub lip mask that I always apply on spa night. It’s smells sweet and if you accidentally eat it, you’ll be ok. It has large granules that exfoliate my lips but don’t leave them feeling raw or irritated. I’ve used Fabulips by Bliss for a while now and I really like it.

5. As mentioned above, I always listen to the relaxation channel on Pandora. There is a good mix of acoustic, piano, instrumental and lots beautiful harmonies. This station helps me relax even if it’s not spa night. During the holiday season I like to listen to Frank Sinatra Christmas radio. : )

6. I have candles everywhere in my house. I light at the very least 3 but I tend to go more towards 6-7. I grab all the candles close by and light up my bathroom. It’s wonderful. There’s something about candle light that sets a very relaxing mood. I always light my Stress Relief candle from Bath and Body Works. This candle, even when it’s not lit, smells up the whole room. I love the scent of eucalyptus.

7. I always have wine. Be it a white or red, doesn’t matter. The slow sipping on a glass of wine is so calming to me. I’ve really been loving the Apothic line. Particularly Apothic dark. Wollersheim is also a favorite of mine. Especially when their seasonal, Eagle is around. So good.

8. My bathroom layout is a bit odd but we designed it that way. My husband and I set it up as a wet room where we have a large shower area with our tub in the back half of it. Picture below to explain what I’m talking about. We don’t keep our towels in there and it’s always so cold to walk to the other end of the bathroom just for a towel. I keep it right next to me so there’s no chill! When I take steam showers I lay my towel over the back of the tub and the steam warms it up. It feels just like a spa.

9. Right before I’m about to get out of my bath I exfoliate my body. I wait until the end because I don’t want to be soaking in all the dead skin I’m about to get off. Gross, I know. I use the Devils Mint body scrub from Elemis. I have a pumice stone for my feet as well. Then when I get out of the I feel like I have shed the crap day I had and all the stress that I’ve been carrying on my shoulders, away. After this is a quick rinse in the shower to make sure I get all the yuck off.

10. I have to lotion up and moisturize my skin afterwards. I use the aromatherapy line from Bath and Body Works. I love the Sleep one with jasmine and chamomile. I apply it right after my shower, all over. It keeps me calm and relaxed right up until my head hits the pillow. Another successful spa night. Not only do I moisturize my body but my face too. The skin on your face is more sensitive so I do not add any body lotion to my face, ever. I use a Rose Hip Oil and it smells so good.

This is the routine I have been doing for years now. It works for me and helps me de-stress. What do you do to de-stress? What is your spa night routine? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,


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