These nails left a good imPRESS-ion

These nails left a good imPRESS-ion

Did you see what I did there? imPRESS-ion, impression. HA! If you haven’t caught on yet I will clue you in. I’m talking all about imPRESS nails today.
A big thank you to KISS products and imPRESS for sending these to me! I received these samples for free in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of imPRESS ever since I received them in a VoxBox years and years ago, from Influenster. Back when they used to come in containers that were shaped like nail polish bottles! I mentioned these in my Fall Favorites post as well. You can see that post here. I have an older post from way back when I started my blog, talking all about my nails and imPRESS. You can see that post here.
imPRESS has come a long way. Not only with patenting their adhesion but with different finishes, shapes and seasonal designs. Their packaging has also gotten an upgrade. AND coming soon to 2018 are more medium length nail options, which are the ones I will be featuring in this post. You can purchase my exact ones here.

I have a very mini video on my Instagram, you can see that here.

Step 1 – Take off any and all old nail polish on your nails. even if you don’t have nail polish on, I always go over my nails with nail polish remover just to make sure. IMG_5878

Step 2 – The Prep. This is the most important step. Your imPRESS nails need a clean, dry and prepped surface to stick to. This will ensure you get the most wear out of these nails. My process is:IMG_5879
1. I buff my nails with a buffing block to smooth any cracks, ridges or bumps.
2. I apply cuticle oil to each nail and gently push back my cuticles. I always use an oil when doing this step. If you don’t you can risk your cuticles being irritated which could cause redness, irritation and cracking. NO GOOD!
3. With more nail polish remover I go back over my nails and remove ALL of the cuticle oil.
4. I file my real nails down so they don’t show under the imPRESS nails.
5. In the box with your imPRESS nails, use the PREP PAD provided to give your nails one last ‘wash’ before application.

Step 3 – Set out all your imPRESS nails. Go through the whole box and fit each imPRESS nail to your fingers. Make sure you get a good fit. If you are in-between sizes, size down. Set them all out so you know which ones go on which finger. IMG_5848

Step 4 – Apply! Start with your pinkies and work inwards. ALWAYS LEAVE YOUR THUMBS FOR LAST. After you apply each nail, apply pressure for at least 30 seconds, rocking back and forth to ensure the edges get good adhesion. After all 8 of your other fingers are done, go back and apply the thumb nails. IMG_5849

Step 5 – Trim and file, but only if needed. If you need to trim or file the imPRESS nails down, wait as long as possible! 30 minutes at the earliest, if you’re in more of a time crunch. If you have time to wait it out, do so. This will help the adhesive set without being rocked or jostled by cutting and filing. If you must, must, must file right away do so with the lightest touch. IMG_5857

Step 6 – Enjoy your beautiful new manicure! When prepped correctly, I can get a solid 2 weeks wear out of these, then a few start to pop off but I just re-apply. I keep the box in my purse just in case one pops off while I’m not at home. Easy fix!

These nails are not a hard plastic so they have a little give to them. They form to your nail and look very realistic. They’re just the right thickness too. They clip and file pretty easily which is good when doing those finishing touches. They come in all different sizes so you can be sure to find the best fit for each nail. I really like the medium length. I have longer nail beds and the medium length works perfectly. The regular length ones don’t quite cover my real nails. Try both and see which ones work for you. Again, there are more medium length options coming on 2018!

When the time comes and you want to remove your imPRESS nails be sure to follow these steps.
1. Start peeling your imPRESS nail off from the sides. Move slowly. Some may pop off at this point but if they do not… DO NOT KEEP PEELING! See step 2.
2. If nail appears to be stuck, place nail polish remover soaked q-tip under nail. Let set for 1 minute and then try to take nail off again.
3. If nail still will not come off, apply more nail polish remover and wait another minute. Whatever you do, do not peel off if they are not ready to come off. This will save your real nails from peeling in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed this mini HOW TO. A big thank you again to Kiss Products and imPRESS for sending me these samples. I also received the KISS brand glue on nails that I plan on testing out soon! Watch out for that mini video and a blog post too. Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time,
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