Fall Fridays: Fall Favorites

Fall Fridays: Fall Favorites

Today marks the end of Fall Fridays. For the last 9 weeks I’ve picked out my top Fall staples in fashion. This week I’m switching it up and picking out my top 10 favorite Fall themed… anything and everything. : ) Read below to see my picks. First, a quick recap of my Fall fashion staples.
Week 1 – Embroidered Tops
Week 2 – Olive Bomber Jacket
Week 3 – Wide Brim Hats
Week 4 – Over the Knee Boots
Week 5 – Lightweight Scarves
Week 6 – Lightweight Jackets
Week 7 –  Lightweight Sweaters
Week 8 – Rain boots
Week 9 – Booties

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My favorite Fall sweater is this eggplant chenille cross back one from Marshalls. It’s a recent purchase and I’m so glad I spent the time sifting through the racks to find it! The material is the softest thing ever! I love the cross lower back. It’s so feminine and sexy. The color is perfect for Fall too.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.21.21 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.21.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.21.32 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.12.44 AM

My favorite Fall candle is from Bath and Body Works and the scent is Sweater Weather. This scent screams Fall. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing, it’s curl up by the fire with a blanket; cozy. In addition to the 3 wick candle, I purchase the wallflowers to fill the other rooms in my house. IMG_4984.jpg

My favorite Fall nails are Impress. I love Impress nails! I was first introduced to them through Influenster years ago in my first ever VoxBox. To sign up for Influenster click here. The color selection is endless. You can choose from oval or square, matte or gloss, patterned or solid! I always pick mine up at Target with the occasional stop at Walgreens. Price is just right for an instant, 2 week long manicure. I’ve gotten 3 weeks out of one set before! They’re amazing and I highly recommend trying them. IMG_5034.jpg

My favorite Fall drink at home is hot chocolate. Specifically Sillycow Farms hot chocolate. I get mine at Marshalls. I picked up the kind with peppermint this time! You mix 2 huge teaspoons into a cup of hot milk, top with whipped cream and dust with some cocoa mix. MMM!
My favorite Fall drink while out is from Starbucks. Every Fall I order a grande vanilla latte with a pump of peppermint. So good! I love peppermint flavored anything around the holidays.

I’ve raved about these booties since I bought them, in about every post since! They’re from Target and they’re perfect. The taupe color goes with everything. The heel height is about 2.5 inches which is great for someone like me who is already 5’7″. The belt detailing adds just the right amount of interest without being too much. IMG_5060

My favorite Fall fragrance is from Bvlgari called Omnia Crystalline. It’s a great scent all year round but I wanted to add it to my favorites because it really is my favorite scent. There are notes of bamboo, lotus flower balsa wood and amber.  IMG_5055_Facetune_19-11-2017-20-01-58

I’ve raved about this bralette from Free People in a lot of posts. I purchased the white one and I wear it all the time. I love bralettes for layering. Having a little sneak peak of the bralette with an off the shoulder top is so cute. The lace detailing on this one is adorable and I love all the straps. It’s stretchy in the back for a more comfortable fit.  IMG_5021

My favorite Fall purse has to be my most recent purse purchase from Target. I found this one from Target. It’s my favorite for two reasons; 1. the color. Burgundy is perfect for Fall and it’s such a rich looking color. 2. the size. It’s a great size and can still hold everything I need it to. It’s structured too which I love. It can also be a crossbody bag. IMG_5042

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.28.54 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.29.00 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.29.08 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.29.14 PM

My favorite Fall flower is the sunflower. Sunflowers remind me of Fall because of the color. I have faux ones in my house because I can’t seem to keep the real ones alive for very long. They’re hearty and big and so beautiful. IMG_5030

My favorite Fall trip is hands down my trip to New York in October. I love New York. I posted all about that vacation and you can read it here. I love the hustle and bustle of the city. The lights make it feel like day time all the time. The food alone is a reason to visit. Central Park is beautiful, Times Square is amazing and the street performers are so good. Broadway is a must visit as well as any comedy show. There’s so much to do and I can’t wait to go back again. IMG_5044.jpg

My favorite Fall earrings are these black ball ones from Baublebar. They’re actually Sugarfix by Baublebar and I got mine at Target. These earrings are flirty and fun and down right adorable. I love wearing these with my hair up to really show them off. I don’t own any dangle black earrings other than these and they are easily my favorite style. They are a little dressier and look great with a simpler outfit. IMG_5076

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.36.17 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.36.20 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.36.25 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.36.30 PM

That’s it. That’s all she wrote. Closing the book on this segment. No more Fall Fridays until next year! Moving into Winter time I’ve got a few things planned so be sure to follow along. What are your favorite Fall items? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time,


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