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Hello Lovelies! Today I am so excited to share with all of you what I am asking for, for Christmas this year. I have sticky notes all over the place so it will be nice to have one list in one place. I think of random things all day long and write them down all over the place. Half of the time I forget where I put the sticky notes! Hopefully this list will help you out when gearing up for some Black Friday shopping. I’m more of a cyber Monday girl myself because I hate crowds and standing in lines! I will break these down by category for easier browsing and shopping. What’s on your Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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I have a few things on my list in the skin care department. One of which is a pore minimizing cream, the other being a blemish correcting serum. I have really large pores on my nose and it bothers me. I’m adding this Estee Lauder Pore Minimizing Refinisher to my list because of the reviews and also because it is a little bit more expensive. What have you guys tried that works for you? Any suggestions? Ever since I came back from my vacation in Hawaii I’ve had discoloration on my forehead. I can’t seem to get rid of it. I did some research and found that a Vitamin C serum can help even out skin tone so I’m trying out a Mario Badescu serum. This one had great reviews so it makes my Christmas list.

I travel a lot. Not only with my husband but for my job. I found the best travel bag ever! It can double as a weekender or overnight bag too. The brand is Lo & Sons and it’s currently 25% off right now making it under $100. The Catalina Deluxe Small Weekender Bag comes in 6 beautiful colors and fits over the handles of any pull luggage. It fits everything you need for an overnight stay and is the perfect size for a carry on.. In that travel bag I need to stay organized so I picked out these inexpensive Travel Cubes from Amazon for under $30. They have an open mesh on top so you can see what’s inside. They keep everything organized and actually creates more space in your suitcase.

I ask for new sneakers every year. I wear mine out with working out, everyday wear and traveling. This year I went more on trend with my picks versus the typical black that I always get. I already purchased these New Balance lavender sneakers from Urban Outfitters or I should say my husband already purchased these. (I was sitting right next to him) hehe! They’re so cute and I just love the light purple color! I can’t wait to style them. My second shoe pick are these super adorable gray Besha Booties from JustFab. I’m a JustFab fanatic. I love all the styles they offer! To sign up use my link here.

I’m in LOVE with Penzey’s spices. I have re-purchased so many of their spices for cooking and for sauces. If you have not tried Penzey’s you need to! They have a store in the Madison area too! Whenever I make steaks I always make a Green Goddess sauce to go with it. It’s a sour cream and cream cheese based sauce that goes so well with beef and potatoes. I got the idea after going to Melting Pot. They have the best Green Goddess sauce ever! Second kitchen item is a copper pan. I’ve heard great reviews about using copper to cook with. We’ll see!

I’m such a girly girl when it comes to jewelry. I love something simplistic but feminine. Elegant but not gaudy. Miranda Frye jewelry has been on my wish list for a long time now. I am so in love with the Chloe Choker Necklace. It’s a bit more expensive but well worth it for a good quality piece. As you all may know I love layering, not only with clothing but with my jewelry too. I would wear the Chloe choker with the Alex 21″-23″ chain which rests just below the collar-bone for a very dainty feminine look.

I do yoga, on average, twice a week. I get the privilege of working out during my work day, while at work. We have a fitness studio that all employees have access to. I take advantage of this for sure! Because I do yoga so much I really need a new yoga mat. I purchased my old one from Marshalls right in the checkout line but this year I found an extra squishy purple yoga mat on Amazon. I suggest the squishy ones. They feel better under your feet and also make you work harder in your core to keep you balanced because of the extra ‘give’. With any yoga mat you need yoga mat spray cleaner. So I added this one from amazon to my list as well. I’ve purchased this one before and love it! It comes with a cleaning rag and smells like lavender.

This section is for the fun and games! There are a few new games that I’ve had my eye on. One is What do you Meme and the other is Catan. Both are so fun and I’ve played before. If you haven’t played either, I would recommend them! What do you Meme is great for a large group where Catan is great for smaller groups of 3-4 players. You can buy the expansion pack to add more players if you want to. It’s a settlement game about gaining resources and roads. It’s very Oregon Trail meets Monopoly. Super fun!

I’ve only got one thing under this category and it’s a Roomba! I’ve wanted one for so long now. I have two big shedding dogs and they get hair everywhere. There are little tumbleweeds of dog hair that roam my house from week to week. I swear I vacuum twice a week with full containers each time. My dogs are worth it but I could use a little help. Enter the Roomba from iRobot.  This one is Amazon certified, has WiFi connectivity and adjusts it’s cleaning height to go over multiple surfaces like wood and carpet.
Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.10.46 AM.png

As mentioned above, I love my dogs. We live out in the country and I fear letting them both outside at night because I can’t see them if they wander. I don’t want them getting hurt or lost so this LED Dog Collar is great. There are three colors to choose from and they’re inexpensive on amazon. There are also multiple sizes to choose from depending on your dog. I have a black lab and she blends in with the night. I can’t see her when the sun sets let alone the wee hours of the night. In addition to these LED collars I have also added new collars to my list. I have a boy and a girl and I want them looking adorable, not that they don’t already. Girl collar  Boy collar

Last but not least is the random category. I’ve added a longer iPhone cord from amazon and my favorite perfume from Burberry; Burberry Brit Sheer. I always ask for more perfume around the holidays, even if I haven’t run out. The sales on scents are great and a lot of the time they give you something else along with your purchase like a small gift set, slippers or even a robe! Last year at Ulta I got a free robe with my perfume. Going on right now is the Ulta Cyber Fundays. Check out all the sales!

Candles, bath bombs, essential oils, diffuser, and lotions are always on my list too. These items make great stocking stuffers and add ons to any gift. I like holiday scents from Bath and Body Works, bath bombs from Lush, essential oils and diffuser from Amazon and my favorite lotion of all time is Anderson Lilley Winter in Manhattan Beach. I got it in my FabFitFun box and have re-purchased it ever since. To sign up for FabFitFun use my link here.

Well, that’s all of it. This list was more extensive than I thought. I hope this helps you while shopping for your lady. If you have any recommendations on products please let me know in the comments below. Be sure to follow so you never miss a post. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time,


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