Sam Edelman Boot Dupe Alert

Sam Edelman Boot Dupe Alert

Not to worry, I’m here to save the day! I found the best dupe for the Sam Edelman boots that everyone is raving about and they’re under $35! In my opinion the biggest struggle with a dupe is the color. I can deal with the zipper being different and the heel being the wrong color. I’m looking for the same color. There are so many shades of taupe and camel that it’s nearly impossible to match them. Check out how close I got, below.
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Sam Edelman Boots 

Sam Edelman Victoria $120

JustFab Boot Dupe
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JustFab Matina in Camel $30 on sale NOW!
This dupe from JustFab comes in the same color as the Sam Edelman boots. There are differences of course. The heel is a different color and the zipper does not come up all the way. There is however, a wide calf option with the JustFab boots which is a benefit. I also love the loops so the boots are easier to get on your feet. Gets your hands on this great dupe today! The side by side comparison is below. The Sam Edelman boots are on the left.

Let me know if you like posts like this and I can keep finding great dupes for the girl on a budget. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time,


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