TNT (Try New Things) Series: September

TNT (Try New Things) Series: September

As you saw last month I started a new series reviewing new products that I try out. This month I’ve got a big one! As promised I will be reviewing the Jaclyn Hill Palette she created in collaboration with Morphe Brushes. The palette has been restocked 4 times and it has sold out 3 times. You can purchase the palette from Morphe’s website here. I missed the first and the second restock and finally got my palette on the third shot. That is why I am reviewing this in September and not June when it was released. Read below to hear my thoughts on it as well as some looks I created.

Jaclyn Hill Makeup Palette $38 WOW! This palette is beautiful. Not only are all the colors custom but so it the packaging. Morphe typically sells their eye shadow palettes in black plastic cases and this one is white and cardboard. I have to say that I am not too keen on the white. It is going to get so dirty in my makeup drawer. The cardboard will get dinged up over time too. This palette was shipped in bubble wrap, in a custom box, within another shipping box surrounded by more bubble wrap. Holy packaging! I do like that this palette has a different look but I think it should have been white plastic so it maintains it’s shape and is easy to clean. I would pay more to make this palette last. I do wish Morphe printed names on their palettes. Part of the fun of this palette is the names Jaclyn came up with. There is a card insert that was sent along with it that I taped to the inside. I wrote the names of the colors under the shadows below so you know what colors I am referring to. The shades inside are such a great mix of shimmers, solids, mattes, and pop colors. There is a good mix of cool and warm tones too. I love a good mixed palette and this one is really well rounded. Almost every color I swatched was so pigmented, so creamy and so blendable. The one color that was a little chalky to me was Abyss, which is the black shade. Hunts also took a little work to get blended but worth it because the shade is the perfect rust color. The 4 foil shades in the upper right corner are BE-A-UTIFUL! I rested my finger on the shadow and picked up so much color. When water is added to your brush, it take these colors to a whole new level. The teal shade in the bottom left, Pool Party, really caught my eye. I don’t wear bright colors at all but it makes we want to me a mermaid for Halloween just so I can use it. : ) Take a look below to see some of the looks I created.
My Daily Routine: Ever since I got this palette I have been using it everyday. I love the warm tones and all the brown orange shades. Browns and oranges are my go-to! I start with Silk Cream in my crease and blend out really well. Using the same brush I blend together Pukey and Pooter (haha, those names) On my outer corner I use Buns and overtop I add Mocha. Instead of liner I use the color Chip. On my inner corner and as a brow highlight I use the shade Enlight. I love this palette.
FullSizeRender 35.jpg FullSizeRender 34.jpg
FullSizeRender 38.jpg IMG_2168.JPG
FullSizeRender 32.jpg FullSizeRender 31.jpg

A Miss Spa item I tried out recently are the exfoliating foot booties. I picked mine up at Ulta for under $6. It says that these will exfoliate, smooth and soften feet. It is recommended that you only use these once a month because they cause your feet to peel for up to 14 days after use. You have to wear these for an hour and a half so I recommend finding a good movie or book. Walking around in these feels so weird but kind of cool. After you take them off rub the extra solution into your feet and await the results. My feet felt super soft right after taking these off. My feet started peeling less than a week after I used these. It wasn’t bad because I get pedicures regularly but worth the try for a spa night at home. I used a pumice stone when I was in the shower for my heels only, to help get the dead skin off about 2 weeks after use. You should let the skin fall off naturally but it was still sandal season and I couldn’t have my feet looking like corned beef. Ew. I would recommend these but only if you don’t get pedicures on a regular basis. The smell is a little strong when you open these so heads up on that. If you have any open cuts or bites on your feet it will sting a little too. Overall, a good at home pedicure system for $6. FullSizeRender 33.jpg

Loreal Pure-Clay Mask ‘Clear and Comfort’ with Seaweed. I got mine at Target for $10. This is a new one in the line! There are three others and I was at Target to re-stock the Exfoliate and Refine mask with Red Algae BUT I saw this one and said ‘Yep, getting this one because it’s blue’. I applied this with a flat foundation brush all over my face. This mask smells like essential oils. It feels light on the face and really refreshing both on and when you rinse it off. It washes off really easily because it did not get as hard or dried out as some of the other masks in this line. It still stays kind of wet after the 10-15 minutes of wear. It really does relax me before bed and helps to calm me down because of the smell of it. I like this mask a lot and have been using it once to twice a week. It is recommended to use up to twice a week for the best results. I have combination skin and this mask works great for me. I do add a retinol serum and a face oil afterwards, before I go to sleep but it is not necessary. I would suggest applying a moisturizer after anyways. If you don’t have any skin concerns like uneven skin tone, blemishes or over oil production, I would recommend trying this mask because it acts as another cleanser and doesn’t target specific skin issues. It is just a nice comforting mask.
IMG_2625.jpg IMG_2646.JPG

Too Faced shadow insurance shadow primer. I picked mine up at Ulta during their 21 days of beauty so I got it for $10, normally it is $20. My face gets a little oily by the end of the day and so do my lids. This primer has helped my shadow (from the Jaclyn Hill Palette) stay on for at least 6-7 hours before I see any difference. It comes in a small tube and it should last me a while. I put a very small amount on the tip of my finger and blend out on my lids. It comes out a light tan color from the tube. It blends fairly easily and doesn’t get sticky or tacky. Overall a good purchase for $10 but I don’t see enough of a difference in the wear of my eye shadow to justify spending $20. TIP: If you use a concealer on your lids, it can act as a shadow primer!

That is all for this months TNT series. I will see you all next month! Let me know what you have been loving this month in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time,


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