TNT (Try New Things) Series: August

TNT (Try New Things) Series: August

I’ve blogged a few times about new products that I’ve tried and I figured I would make it a series. Since I try new things all the time, I will plan on making this a monthly thing. Welcome to my new series TNT (Try New Things) The recent product use review. There are so many products out there just waiting for me to try and I can’t wait to keep discovering them. This round I only have a few new products so keep reading to find out. Heads up for next month I will be reviewing the Jaclyn Hill palette. Since I got mine in the 3rd restock I haven’t had as much time to play with it as I would like before I review it.

First up is the Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer. I was hearing and reading good reviews on this product and I like that it is in a stick form. I picked mine up at my IMG_1273local Target. Maybelline is my favorite drug store brand so I figured this would be amazing. There are 6 different shades of this concealer. I applied this after my foundation, per usual, and before setting powder. I placed this under my eyes, bridge of my nose, cupids bow and forehead. I attempted to blend this out with a damp beauty blender and found that it was not as blendable as I would have hoped. It was creamy when it applied but did not blend out creamy at all. It stayed where I applied it. The color was great and really brightened after hard work of blending. I purchased the color fair which goes well with my skin. I really want to like this but I just do not. I’ve been using for a couple weeks now on and off, with sad results. I have to go back over this concealer with the Fit Me concealer to get the coverage that I want. I was really disappointed with this. It was only $7 so I am not out a lot. Did I get a bad one? Have you guys had good results with this? What other methods of blending have you tried? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

I have also been trying out a new moisturizer. I never seem to purchase the same one. I IMG_0428am not sure why I do this but I do. This time around I’ve been trying out the Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer. I picked mine up from Target and it sells for a little over $8. The container is a pump which we all know I am a fan of. The formula of this is a little thicker which is ok with me. I just use less than I typically would otherwise I feel like it gets a little heavy on my skin. It has a nice subtle pleasant scent. It blends out easily and soaks in pretty quickly. I like that this product is 99% natural. I use one small pea size amount in the morning only. I apply a face oil at night. This has lasted me quite awhile so I am getting my moneys worth.


Next item I’ve been trying is the Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara. I’ve read reviews about this mascara and the most common thing said was that this is a great dupe IMG_1275for the Better Than Sex Too Faced mascara. I would agree with this statement. I own the Better Than Sex Too Faced mascara and they are very similar. The tube packaging is almost identical too. The L’Oreal is $9 compared to the $12 Too Faced. I got mine at Target and you can get the Too faced at Ulta and Sephora. The wand is a bristle brush like the TF. I like this style of wand because separates and coats all the lashes. The color is very black and one coat covers pretty well. I always add another layer because I like the look it gives me. I’ve been using this for a couple weeks now and it is just now starting to get clumpy. I will need to get a new one soon because the wand is so full of product and it doesn’t apply the mascara evenly anymore. I could clean it off but I feel that it should have lasted longer than it has. The TF mascara has a better wand because the bristles are more spaced out. I’ve had it for months, it is still not clumpy, it coats more evenly and lasts way longer. I would probably spend the extra $3 for the Too Faced.

Dove Dry Spray Invisible Spray Deodorant, under $6. I picked mine up at Target. I have been wanting to get away from the stick form. It just seems really heavy and I do not like the way it feels anymore. I feel that no matter what kind I try there is always a residue left on my clothes. I decided to try this spray out as an alternative. I love the fact that this is a spray. Hold this at least 6in away from your underarm otherwise these little beads form and it feels really wet. I think I applied too much when this happened. A light misting works well. It feels light and works to keep me smelling fresh. The scent is amazing and lingers when I move around. I like that fact because then I know it is working. This container is 3.8 oz which is a great site but it is just a little too much to carry on a plane when traveling. I wanted to bring this with me on my most recent vacation but couldn’t because I only brought carry on luggage. There is no smaller version either, I looked. That is the only draw back I have to this deodorant.

Pixi by Petra Makeup Fixing Mist is the most expensive setting mist I have ever purchased at $15 and I picked mine up at Target. It is a large container so it will last me a IMG_1975while. I really like the mister on this. It is easy to direct and has a wide spray so it covers a lot of your face at once. You have to shake it up a little bit before you use it to make sure everything is mixed. The scent is light and floral but not overwhelming. This spray acts as a great refresher throughout the day too. I took this on vacation with me in Georgia and needed to use it more than once in all the heat. It is small enough to take with on a carry on too. I think this stuff works great. I feel it sets my makeup for the day and doesn’t budge until after I work out. When I sweat it moves my makeup around a little. This works better than the NYX.

Last but certainly not least, I received the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation from Influenster to test and review for free. I’ve been using it ever since I got it. I wrote a full blog post review on it and it is posted here. Go check it out!

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time,


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