Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-up VoxBox from Influenster

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-up VoxBox from Influenster

I received the Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-up VoxBox from Influenster for testing purposes. I received this product for free and all opinions are my own. I have used boxed dyes in the past but haven’t in a long time. I was happy to see that this was just a root touch up and not an all over color. There are 22 colors in the line ranging from yellow to black and the color lasts about 3 weeks. The color only needs to process for about 10 minutes so it’s quick! I received the color Medium Brown which matches my natural hair color really well. This product is very inexpensive at $7 and can be purchased almost anywhere. IMG_1266

If you are not familiar with box dyes, they are very easy to use. This set gives you three hair ties to section out your hair. For me it was easy to color each section and then move on to the next but if you choose to focus just on the front then there is no need to section.

I started in the front of my head because that is where I wanted to focus the color. In case I ran out I wanted to be sure the front, top and sides of my head were colored. The box comes with a comb, a pair of gloves, instructions, the permanent color creme and the color activating lotion. I recommend putting on an old T-shirt just in case. Since this is just a root touch up there is not a whole lot of product in the box. I did end up running out by the time I got to the back of my head. IMG_1251

Once you have thoroughly mixed the permanent color and the activator you can begin applying to your roots. Just a thing to note: The dye smells are very strong so be weary. Be sure to be in a well ventilated area or keep the exhaust fan on in your bathroom. The product applies very easily with the comb. There is even a pointed end on it so you can effortlessly section out your hair. Another thing to note: if you feel any tingling or itching when you apply this product, stop using and rinse right away. You should not feel any burning or irritation when using hair dye products.

After you have applied this to all sections of your hair or if you run out, wait 10 minutes for the color to process. Once your 10 minutes are up rinse out the color and wash with your usual shampoo and conditioner. Dry and style as usual and you are good to go! After I dried my hair I could see the color better. It matches my natural hair color at the top of my head, very well. It blended in great and there was no line.

This product is meant to cover grays but since I do not have any (yet) I used this in-between salon visits to save myself some money. It worked out great! Well, that is it for this VoxBox review. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Until next time!

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