Recent Product Use Review 6/17/17

Recent Product Use Review 6/17/17

I’ve been trying some new products recently and wanted to tell you guys my thoughts. First up, Burt’s Bees hand cream for very dry skin. I picked mine up at Target. My hands FullSizeRender 40have been so dry with the shift to Spring. I needed and wanted something that worked well, smelled great and that I could easily travel with. I haven’t read any reviews on this nor did anyone suggest it to me. I saw it on the shelf and thought, “that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!” I put this on right before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, before I put my rings on. It feels fresh and clean with a subtle floral scent. I use a dime sized amount each time, which covers my hands pretty well.  I don’t rub it in all the way so it can really soak in. It lasts quite a long time but after a few hand washes I feel like I need lotion. This product is pretty thick and blends out smoothly. It feels hydrating and has helped with my dry cracking hands and fingertips. I like Burt’s Bees as a brand because they have mostly natural products. This lotion is almost 99% natural. I would purchase again.

Dry Shampoo. I’m constantly on the hunt for dry shampoo. I found this, Renpure Sea Minerals Dry Shampoo, at Marshalls. IMG_0148I’ve seen it before and this time decided to try it out. First off, love the packaging. I was attracted to it by the bright colors on the bottle. Secondly, I find that this product works really well for me. It does not leave my hair white, it feels lightweight, does not have a tacky feeling to it like some dry shampoos I have tried and it smells really nice. It’s a light floral scent but it does not linger. I spray at my roots and massage into my scalp with my hands. It picks up the oil and leaves me free to style as usual. I use dry shampoo on my day 2 and day 3 hair only to ‘freshen up’ my look. This product was only about $5-6, which is a great price for me. The only thing I worry about is that Marshalls changes out their products frequently so this may not be available all the time. I will constantly be on the hunt for another dry shampoo to try. : ) I’ve heard good things about Drybar, any thoughts?

Calm Serum from Arbonne. This is a product that you cannot get in stores. You can only get it direct from Arbonne online or from an Arbonne consultant. This product is meant for people with sensitive skin. Even though I do not have sensitive skin I chose to try this because I wanted something light, non drying and soothing. Soothing Facial Serum US_Fullsize Product ImageIt is pricier and the bottle is only 1oz but it makes your skin feel so hydrated. To be honest this bottle did not last me as long as I would have hoped, for the money I spent on it. If you sign up for Arbonne and become a preferred client you get discounted prices on their products. This serum is yellow in color and has so scent. Two drops cover my whole face and neck easily. I use each morning and every night. It does not feel heavy or greasy and makes my face feel soothed. I can tell when I miss a day of using this. My skin has a tight feeling to it. Overall, I will repurchase and see if I can find a cheaper alternative that can produce the same results. Any suggestions on a lightweight face serum? DISCLAIMER: This photo is not my own. Rights belong to

NYX total control drop foundation in True Beige 08 is a new foundation for me. I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile now and finally was at Ulta to pick it up. I could not find itIMG_0137 at my local Target. It’s fairly inexpensive at $14. I guessed on my color and it is just right for me. This foundation is very watery. It is not thick like other ‘liquid’ foundations I have tried. I applied one drop, over primer, to my forehead, two drops to each of my cheeks and one drop to my chin. I blended it all out with a damp eco tools blender sponge and blended away! It looked very yellow on me at first but that went away after blending. It felt smooth and blended very nicely. I needed a little more coverage on my cheeks so I added more drops. You can build coverage with this foundation just as advertised but not as well as I would have hoped if you are trying to achieve a full coverage look. I would say that this foundation is not great for full coverage. I added more and more drops and it started to look cakey and didn’t blend out the greatest. My skin has some discoloration, as you can see below. I like a more medium coverage and this foundation is just that for me. I like my skin to still show some of my freckles. I am definitely not a full coverage makeup wearer. You can see some of the discoloration coming through but you could color correct to hide that more if you choose to. I have only been wearing this for a couple of days now so I do not have extended wear results for you but I wanted to give you my first impression. IMG_0140It makes my skin look very smooth and once I applied powder over to set, it did not move. It dried in a matte/powdery finish and lasted me a good 6 hours. I can see a little has been removed but I did go outside for a bike ride in the afternoon so some has been sweated off. Even with the workout I still have some coverage. Definitely a plus for me since I workout 5 days a week.  I really like the packaging of this product. It came in a box, boring, but the container is a cute little frosted dropper style bottle. I think it looks so cute. We will see how long it lasts because it is only .43oz. Other serums that I use with this dropper style packaging have leaked on my before so I need to remember and would recommend, when traveling, to put this in a separate little baggy just in case. There are quite a wide variety of shades too. My local Ulta carried about 9 or so in store but all shades were available online. Overall, I like it and will continue to use.

Last but certainly not least is a service and not a product but I wanted to include it because it is new to me. I tried SNS nails for the first time recently and I my first impression is a good one. SNS stands for Signature Nail System. I got mine done at Diamond Nails in Fitchburg, WI. I’ve heard of this process of dipping but was a little unsure about the details. I read up on it and learned that it is healthier for your nails and adds vitamins and calcium which helps them grow stronger. IMG_0153Also, you can add tips to make your nails all the same length which honestly intrigued me the most. My thumb nails grow like crazy and my other nails are always different lengths. I added tips to two of my finger but should have done a few more. When the dipping was happening I thought it felt a little heavy and thick but that went away once the process was complete. You get your nails dipped 4 times in the color powder and then shaped and clear coated to finish. No lamps or UV needed. During the shaping they file down some of the powder on top of your nails. In this step they filed a few of mine uneven but it’s barely noticeable. My nails are so incredibly strong and hard, I love it! It’s almost impossible to break a nail with this ‘powder’ on. (knock on wood) There are so many colors to choose from. I was really impressed by that. The colors turned out like what I picked but it is a little blotchy. If you’re looking for a perfectly smooth, consistent and blemish free color, I would choose a more neutral color other than what I chose. IMG_0155With the SNS process the ends of my nails are so smooth that it is difficult to pick up things like paper clips and take stickers of things like fruit. There is little to no edge on my nails. They don’t scratch as hard as they usually do either. Price wise they’re about the same as a shellac manicure. I would recommend trying it out. Unlike shellac there is no peeling this stuff off your nails. Once it’s on, it’s on until you go into the salon to get it removed. Another major plus in my book. With shellac I would pick at my nails and ruin them. SNS will  be my go to when I get my nails done in the future. Love it!!!

Side note: I’ve had SNS on my nails for a week and one day now. My nails are growing like crazy! You can see the outgrowth of the polish on my nail above. I know this is due to the fact that I have been taking the Hair, skin, nails gummies that I talked about in my FabFitFun review. See it here. I am seeing the most changes in my nails, both length and strength wise. My skin has been clearing up more than ever but I am seeing barely any changes in my hair. Hopefully more time will tell. Moral of the side note: You should definitely try these gummies! You can get them at Target but you get the most bang for your buck by purchasing these at Costco.

I hope you enjoyed this review post. I love trying new things. What products have you been loving? Tell me in the comments below. What products should I try next?

Thanks so much for reading. Until next time, Ashley



  1. June 20, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    I LOVE my Nyx drops! I’m so pale right now so I use it to add into my foundation to lighten it up, or I’ll just use it on its own! I’ve never tried that dry shampoo! The Drybar triple sec is amazing as a refresher, but I haven’t tried the actual Drybar dry shampoo (the detox one). It’s on my list to try out!
    Great post my dear! xo

    • June 20, 2017 / 5:38 pm

      Thanks!! I knew you had the drops and was anxious to try them. I didn’t think about adding it to my other foundation, good idea! The dry shampoo I hope is still at Marshall’s but we will see. If not, there is an Ulta up the road so I can pick up the Drybar! Thanks 😊

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