Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hello and welcome to this years Father’s Day Gift Guide. My dad is more of the silent type. He does not regularly express his feelings and when he does it means that much more. When my dad and I spend time together it is typically at a restaurant or with drink in hand. My dad and I bond over sports because he was my little league coach growing up. He is where I get my athletic ability from. My dad has the greatest laugh, the worst dance moves and the biggest heart.

DISCLAIMER: The photos in this post are not my own. Credit goes to the owner of these photos.

For the beer / spirit loving dad My dad loves his beer. He and my mom travel all over to breweries doing tours and tastings. It’s hard to find them home on the weekends. A new customized mug or glass is a great idea if your dad has a bar at home. Another bar idea is an etched bottle/can opener. An in home brewing system is a great long-term gift idea but they can be kind of expensive. They range from $179 on up so be sure to do your research before purchasing. Another idea is a nice growler of your dads favorite beer. My dad likes Granite City Beers located in Madison, WI.

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For the motorcycle loving dad My dad has a bright yellow Gold Wing trike. You can always see him down the road and it’s so great for road trips. We took a day trip out by Richland Center last summer and it was awesome. You feel so free when you’re on a motorcycle and not to mention pretty bad ass. A few gift ideas for the motorcycle enthusiast would be a road trip book. Any book store will carry them. Any biker should not be caught unprepared. A bike repair kit is always a good idea. Since my dad has a trike there is a trunk so he is able to carry this along with him. To personalize any bike you can always order a few custom decals from Etsy. I stumbled upon the shop cardsandstitches. Helmets are always a good idea. The one featured below has bluetooth so you can always get a hold of your dad at any time on his ride. : )

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For the outdoorsy camping loving dad My parents love camping. Ever since I can remember we’ve been camping. It’s always nice to be prepared. A few items that dad might love: a Yeti cooler, some nice recliner pop up chairs, a sun shade tent and some grilling tools for over the fire.

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Like I mentioned in my Mothers Day Gift Guide, quality time is always a great gift. Especially if your dad lives far away; a trip home would mean the world. Take him out to a brewery, or winery if that’s his thing, grab lunch together, go golfing or spend the afternoon at a baseball game. Catch a movie or take a motorcycle trip are a few other great ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! To all the dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time,  Ashley A




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