Marc Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter Review

Marc Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter Review

Hello and welcome to my first Influenster VoxBox review! I joined Influenster back in 2013. You can follow me here. I received the Marc Jacobs VoxBox for free from @Influenster and all opinions are my own. I’ve heard great things about the Dew You? Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter and I was so excited to try it out. @MarcBeauty #CoconutGlow #contest

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PRO: The bottle is 24 mL/0.80 Fl. Oz which is quite large for a gel/liquid highlighter. It dispenses the product through a pump but be careful it comes out fast. PRO: The cap fits tightly on so I wouldn’t worry about messes when traveling with this. PRO: I really like the look of the packaging. It’s simple, clean and looks high end. CON: It retails for $44 at Sephora. This is much higher than what I would pay for a highlighter. CON: I do not care for the weight of the container. Because it is glass it makes it heavy.

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A little goes a long way with this. As I stated above it comes out really fast so be weary about that. CON: The first couple times I used it, the pump dispensed too much and I had to waste some of it. PRO: You can use this highlighter a wide variety of ways. Because it is a gel it can be used as a primer, mixed in with foundation or applied on top of foundation. Another way to use this is to apply it on the body. This would add great shine to the collar bone and shoulders with an off the shoulder top or swim suit. Versatility is key when paying $44 for a highlighter. PRO: The shimmer is out of this world! This gel highlighter reflects so much light. CAUTION: Photo below contains highly luminous highlighter. Sunglasses needed. Proceed with caution.


PRO: This product applies so smooth. Since it’s a gel it comes out wet and applies wet. It feels hydrating and dries quickly. Once dry it gives you the most dewy, radiant looking summer skin imaginable. PRO: It feels very lightweight too. The color is on the gold toned side so if you have darker, cooler hued skin then this will look amazing. PRO: I have olive toned skin and this shines so bright next to my green eyes. CON: I did notice that after extended wear (7-8 hours) that it did cake a little. I rested my cheek in my hand and a little came off. Nothing major but I would suggest really blending this out when you apply. It worked best for me to apply over my foundation and blend out with a damp beauty blender. This got rid of any harsh lines and made the highlight look seamless. Using this technique the second time really helped with longevity.


PRO: This product is made with 5 different forms of coconut. Not only do you get the skin benefits from coconut, you also get the scent. I could smell this all day. Light, refreshing and heavenly. It’s not overpowering and once the gel dries you don’t continue to smell like a coconut the rest of the day.

I hope this review was helpful to you. Let me know what you think about the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time – Ashley


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