My Nails

My Nails

Hello and welcome to this weeks blog post about my nails. Products I use, what I like, how I paint my nails and some of my go-to colors. I never go without something on my nails whether it be polish or Impress nails. I enjoy doing my nails each week. I love Pinterest for ideas, my library of colors is pretty extensive and I tend to pick up a new pack of Impress nails each time I’m at Target. I always have choices.

FullSizeRender 8First step is the prep. To have the best nails you have to prep them correctly and use the right products. Some polishes can end up staining your nails if you don’t use a base coat. I use a nail polish remover that is Target brand, I have nail and cuticle oil for when I push back my cuticles, I file my nails every time I paint them and I ‘sand’, the surface of my nails to level them out. I have a lot of grooves and lines on my nails that I like to smooth out before I apply any polish.

Impress: This brand I stumbled upon from Influenster. They are press on nails that provide an instant manicure that lasts about a week. They’re great! They come in so many colors and designs, just check out their website here. They have a few shapes too; oval and square. I found that if you prep your nails correctly and really push these nails down, they can stay for about 2 weeks. I really like the oval ones because my real nails never get that long and I like the way they make my hands look.

IMG_3041 IMG_3547 IMG_3294  IMG_1550 IMG_2559

I’m always on the prowl for a nail polish that lasts longer than 3 seconds. Lately I have been pretty excited about the Sally Hansen Argan Oil Polishes. With base coat and the specific Argan Oil top coat, I can get a week with no chipping. IT’S A MIRACLE! I like to paint my nails, a lot. It’s part of my spa night routine; a fresh manicure. 🙂

IMG_1839 IMG_1936

IMG_4540 IMG_5804 IMG_4301 IMG_4495

IMG_5822 IMG_2201

IMG_1447 IMG_5714

As you can see I don’t gravitate towards conservative or neutral. I like color, I like bold, I like dark nails. I really like the Sally Hansen brand but I have quite a few Essie, Julep, O.P.I and Sinful Colors polishes.

What brands do you like? What colors do you love? What do I need in my collection?

Thanks so much for reading. Until next time – Ashley










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