ColourPop Swatches

ColourPop Swatches

Hello and welcome to the first makeup related post on my blog. I contemplated doing a whole post about my makeup collection but decided on a ColourPop swatch post because I was just placing an order for more! ColourPop is a brand I stumbled upon a few years ago from some YouTubers that I follow. They’re good quality, awesome pigmentation in the lip products department, have a great variety of lip and face products, have a good selection of all finishes for their lip products and they’re so cheap!¬†Right now ColourPop is giving away a free primer with any purchase of a pair (lippie and pencil) ¬†until tomorrow, 3/12, plus free shipping on $30.

I really like ColourPop but I do find it hard to find a shade. I could just buy the whole website but that is unrealistic so I purchased 18 different shades that I’m going to show you today. I did not purchase these all at once. They are an accumulation over a couple years.

I separated the colors by finish; sheer/hyper glossy, satin, matte and ultra matte. From top to bottom in the sheer/hyper glossy lippie category I have Juicy – hyper gloss and Juice Bar – Sheer. Juicy is a great ‘day out on the boat’ color. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s beautiful. Juice Bar adds a subtle tint to any color.

IMG_5810 2

Satin lippie shades: From top to bottom Button, Frida, Brunch and Rocket. I gravitate towards Frida as an everyday color. It’s a good pinky nude color. Button is a coral nude. Brunch and Rocket are very bright on the lips and great for summer.


Matte lippie shades: From top to bottom Aquarius, Cookie, Oh Snap, Hype Girl and Brink. Oh Snap is my absolute favorite. It’s a perfect nude for everyday wear no matter the time of year. These shades are all great for the Spring, Fall and Winter. Brink is very similar to Jaclyn Hill’s 1995 shade by Gerard Cosmetics. I’m a sucker for nude lips so I tend to accumulate a lot.

FullSizeRender 7

Ultra matte liquid lip shades: From top to bottom Littlestitious, Spritz, Echo Park, Beeper, Lumiere 2, Solow and Donut. I wear Spritz and Echo Park a lot. These ultra matte liquid lip colors are so pigmented and last a long time. I do not apply a base coat or lip primer for these and I still can get close to all day wear.

IMG_5814 2

What ColorPop colors am I missing? What are your favorites.

Thanks so much for reading. Until next time, Ashley


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